The Cross by Sonya



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The “Cross” has so much power when you truly understand what it represents.

Jesus sacrificed so much on that cross and by understanding His selfless act the “Cross” takes on a whole new meaning! The question is, “What does the Cross mean to you?”

Are you willing to let the power of the “Cross” change your life? The cross becomes powerful as you learn that Christ, a perfect human being died on it for us. 1 Peter 1:18, “Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous and unrighteous, to bring you to God.”  The “Cross” is the bridge to salvation and relationship to God.  This is amazing that Jesus took the place for us on that cross and bore our sins to those who believe and don’t believe. This kind of love is overwhelming to think about that Jesus took on our sin, past, present, and future and died physically and spiritually for us!  In the Bible it says, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become righteousness of God” (2nd Corinthians 2:21) We are all held accountable to our sin and Christ had to die on the “Cross” to be held accountable for ALL sin.  Now I can’t fathom that He was punished and beaten for you and me to take the penalty of our sin as though He committed them.  This blows my mind how much He loves us, and what the “Cross” represents.

This Easter I don’t want to miss the importance of the “Cross.”  The “Cross” is a reminder of the sacrifice our Savior gave to each of us over two thousand years ago. We are called to repentance and to a right relationship with Him when we come to the “Cross” because of the shedding of blood from the perfect, spotless Lamb of God. So by the power of the “Cross” we have eternal life and relationship with our Savior.  To Him we give all the glory and praise for what He bore on the cross for us!  The great news is that it doesn’t stop at the cross, but God raised Him from the dead in order for us to be freed from the curse of sin.  Sin has no power over us and the power only comes from our Heavenly Father! This Easter, don’t forget the power of the “Cross” and the one that scarified so that we can have eternal life!


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What You Don’t Know by Bombi

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I was a young 25 year old, single mother of a sweet baby girl. At the time, I was suffering from depression and found it difficult to accept life as it was. A new non-profit that provided resources for women who were in need of a second chance at life was having a grand opening. Someone thought it was a good idea to include me in on a small singing group that would provide the entertainment for their gala. I remember thinking during the rehearsals, “I’m a woman in need of a second chance! What am I doing singing for their fundraiser?”

A couple years passed, and I found myself leading a small group for at-risk teen girls. Again, I wasn’t the happiest of campers, and wasn’t quiet about it either. This was a time in my life that I couldn’t even smile through tears and I was still blue. Yet I found myself thinking, “Why am I the one leading these girls? I’m a mess myself.”

More time passes, and I get a call that would change my life. It was Trish asking me if I’d be interested in being involved in a women’s ministry that encouraged women in their walk with Christ. You guessed it, I was shocked again that I would be considered for such a special team. I didn’t feel particularly encouraged at the time, and yet I still got the call.

Now that I’m older and can look back at my blue times one thing is clear, God knows what I don’t. He sees what I cannot see, and He will do in me what I cannot do by and for myself. He knows me better that I know myself. He knows just how deep my heart was aching during those dark times. He knew just how much I could take. He knew I would doubt myself through my cloudy years, yet He saw something more in me than my pain.

If you’ve found yourself in positions you feel underqualified for take heart, you’re not alone. Ask Mary, who was young, unwed, and pregnant with the Son of God. If you could ask her if she thought she was the woman for the job she’d probably tell you that she didn’t see it at the time. Are you feeling too old to answer God’s call? Ask a childless Abraham who was in his seventies when God promised him that he would be the father of many nations. You may not see what God sees, but in time He will reveal His plan if you continue to walk by faith and not by sight.


“Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he’s the one who will keep you on track.
Don’t assume that you know it all.”

Proverbs 3:5-6 The Message (MSG)



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What’d You Do That For? by Kenika


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I made a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up a few things; you know the kind where you have to bring your own bags in?  After I selected my items, went through the check out line, and made my way to my car, I noticed a lady in the parking lot struggling to corral all of her groceries.  She didn’t have any bags, so everything was just scattered in her cart as she tried to gather them up to put them in her trunk.  I thought to myself, “Those items are going to fly everywhere in her car!”   Moved with compassion and concern, I went to my car, grabbed a few of my reusable bags and walked over and handed it to this lady.   With a confused look on her face, she simply and calmly said, “Oh, thanks.”

You have to understand that even though my initial point of action was to help someone else out and solve what I viewed as a problem, which I did, her reaction made me slightly bothered.  After all, I certainly didn’t have to interrupt my day to walk over and give her my personal shopping bags, but since I did, I thought a little bit of overwhelming gratitude was in order.  In my mind, I totally just saved the day. I’m a hero for crying out loud and all she had to say was a lackluster, “Oh, thanks.”  (I’m cracking up with laughter as I write this by the way)  However, I realized something and began a conversation with myself:

Why did you give the lady the bags? I did it so that she could put her groceries in them.

Did that happen? Yes, it did, she had bags to put her groceries in.

If that’s the case, and the problem was solved, why are you bothered?

This my friends was the moment when I could see that my motives were a bit off.  When the idea popped in my head, I was feeling good about myself. I am, after all, about to go and make somebody’s day by being a generous and giving person.  When she didn’t respond the way I thought she should, I wanted to take it all back. She should appreciate what I did for her.  But the truth of the matter is if I were really a giving person with the right motives behind my gift, I wouldn’t concern myself with her response.  I saw a need, and I was moved to meet it, end of story.

The other reality that hit me was that I have no idea what that stranger was going through. Maybe she lived a life where no one has ever been kind to her without expecting something in return. Perhaps she’s struggling and asked God to show His love for her in some small way.  I will never know, and it’s not my job to know. My job is to be kind, generous, and a representative of the love of Jesus Christ everywhere I go and in everything I do. The only reason I was able to give to her was because God had blessed me in such a way by giving to me.  The impact and the glory is His not mine, and regardless of her I know that He sees and He will take on the responsibility of the reward.


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Taking On A New Name by Trish

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Countdown is on and in less than 4 months my world, as I know it being “Trish Davis,” will transform. Trish Davis will enter the season of wedded bliss as Trish Williams. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the vastness of this change hit me like a ton of bricks. My identity as I now know it, and am known, will take on a new form. I’m still Trish but now I carry the name of someone who adds a strength to my life, a covering to protect and provide. I no longer face life alone, I have a partner to help shoulder the weight of the world and a friend to celebrate and share life with. I have added strength and an increase of wisdom because my life will be joined with another and this is all signified to the world by the name I carry.

Now I know there are some ladies who choose not to take on their husband’s last name and some who keep both. Whatever your preference is this article is not to stir a debate about personal preference but rather to use as an illustration of what takes place when we join ourselves to our ultimate help and strength, Jesus Christ.

When we accept Jesus in our lives, we take on His name, a Christian, to be Christ-like. Our life should reflect His nature and His characteristics should be superior over the “old man.”

In other words, when we take on His name, we align ourselves with principles found in the Word of God. People should look at our lives and know who we belong to.Because we take on His name, we have added benefits. There is added strength unlike we’ve ever known and an assurance that no matter what we face we have the ultimate covering watching over us providing protection and provision with unlimited supply.

So ladies when you are faced with the opportunity to be discouraged, be reminded of whose name you carry. The name of Jesus is above every name, every situation and you have the benefits of all that name represents. You have an authority and a freedom because of that name.

Have you ever been in a situation where there was chaos or confusion?  Just speak the name of Jesus and it will bring peace. The presence of God is as close to you as your next breath, it’s as close as the whisper of His name.You are no longer your own but you have been grafted into the family of God and you carry a name that is loaded with benefits. Don’t live beneath your Kingdom authority- choose today to access all that you are entitled to because of whose name you carry!


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