Liberty and Justice For All by Trish


dreamstime_xs_32556185It’s that time of year where soon we’ll be hearing the thunderous booming sounds of firecrackers and our night skylines will illuminate with beautiful colors as we celebrate the gift of freedom.

The 4th of July, a time where we celebrate our liberty that was certainly not free, but paid for with a high price of those who laid down their lives in service. I’m beyond grateful to be living in these United States of America where I can FREELY worship my God, FREELY speak my opinion and FREELY pen this article

As I think about the gift of freedom, I consider the famous phrase found in the Pledge of Allegiance, “With liberty and justice for all.”We are living in a dispensation of time where Biblical truths are being challenged and as Christians our faith is under fire. As believers we have a responsibility to uphold the Biblical principles that are the foundation of our faith.

Turn on the TV and within moments you will see graphic images of the persecution of our brothers and sisters in the faith around the globe. Right here in our own nation Christians were shot during a Bible study! Do we stand by and do nothing because it’s not in our “backyard” or our church?

As I think about the freedom we have in the U.S. I also realize that this gift of liberty cannot be taken for granted. While the famous line previously quoted exemplified our United States, we
have a commitment to stand for justice for ALL. As Christians, we are united by the belief in Jesus Christ thus making us family. Families stick together and bear one another’s burdens.

It is not okay to ignore injustice just because it’s not happening directly to us. So then, what CAN we do?

1) We can PRAY!

The Bible says the prayers of the righteous availeth MUCH. We have been given the gift of direct access to our Heavenly Father in prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we have! Oftentimes we don’t value the gift of prayer until we are the ones in need of it. So as you pray, consider how you would lift your voice if it were your family under attack. Pray in faith and not from a place of fear. Our God is in control and He requires that we partner with Him in FAITH!

2) We can walk in love

With so much drama surrounding us and critical circumstances facing us daily, we are enticed to engage in conflict and political arguments. Let’s be wise in our conversation and do our battle on our knees. I believe we can do more good with love and respect than we will ever do in DEMANDING that our ways be understood. There is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak up. When the time comes for you to use your voice, do so with the boldness of Christ and not of your own agenda of just hearing yourself. The world will know that we belong to Him by how we LOVE. Love does not mean being passive; love knows how to respond with wisdom and understanding. Love also knows when and how to take action! Our goal is not to just be heard but speak truth while leading souls to Christ.

3) We can stay focused

With so much going on, we can easily become overwhelmed and lose focus. Keeping our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, we maintain our focus on Christ and do whatever He calls on us to do. The joy of the Lord is our strength, so we greet each day with the expectation that God is going to give us exactly what we need to be victorious in our day and give us the wisdom and insight to helping others along with the way.

Never take for granted the freedom we’ve been given. Never be afraid to take a stand against injustice. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus and Greater is He on the inside of us than He that is in the world. We are ambassadors for the Kingdom God. Ladies, we have a great work to do and we are more than able!


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It’s Not Just What You Know, but Who You Know by Bombi


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Although I’ve grown up in church and sat under some great teaching, and I was able to attend a couple of private Christian schools for a few grades, I have no formal Biblical training. I’m often amazed at some of the opportunities God has brought my way to share His word in some way with people and in some of the most unlikely places. Even this platform of Ladies on Life remains a humbling place for me to be in, knowing that it’s God’s grace that has led me here and allowed me to be a voice of encouragement. To God be the glory!

Recently while reading Acts chapter 4, I was reminded of this. In this passage, Peter and John were on trial. The very people who put them on trial were religious priests and leaders that knew the scriptures inside and out. What crimes had they committed? Did they steal, kill, and commit adultery? Why no, they had led 5,000 people to Christ and prayed for a man to be healed, and the man was healed. So why were they coming down so hard on them? For doing it all in the name of Jesus and for proclaiming that Jesus was the only way to salvation. Now I don’t know about you, but this is a baffling thing to me that folks that knew the scripture like the back of their hand would put these guys on trial for lifting up the very man all of this scripture had been written about.

I want to encourage you today to not let the world, or the moms in your mommy playgroup, or your longtime pals from high school, or your family, or anyone keep you from Jesus, or from proclaiming the power of Christ. I’m talking about proclamation not just with your words, but with your life. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to walk in His word and in His power, you just have to spend enough time with Him to let him change your heart to the point that your life has no choice but to show the evidence of His power. You spend enough time with Jesus, and the world will marvel and realize, you’ve been with Jesus.

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13 (NKJV)

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Hearing God and His Calling by Sonya


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God is really working on me to choose wisely the choices I make each day! He wants me to make Kingdom decisions and take steps that will impact the Kingdom, instead of just letting life take me where I want to go. I’m trying to really understand where God wants me to be and what my calling is. God has called each one of us to something and figuring it out can be difficult if we can’t hear His voice or understand His will. Distractions of this world can definitely play a role in not understanding what God has called us to do.

I have learned to listen, be quiet, and truly unplug from the distractions of this world in order to understand God’s will. As I draw closer to God by reading His word and praying, He then reveals His will in my life piece by piece. As women we have a hundred things going on and we find it hard to unplug from life. For me, I have had to write down all the things I need to do, or thoughts in my mind that keep me from hearing from God. Then I rip that paper apart to remind me to forget about all my to-do lists so that I can fully unplug. It truly is in those moments where you get the distractions out of your mind and put your focus on Him.

Another way to hear God is the atmosphere you’re in. Finding that place where you feel closest to God. For me the outdoors is where I can truly listen from God and get lost in His creation. It is in those places where I feel surrounded by His presence and can listen to God’s voice and what God is calling me to be in the midst of the chaos of this world.

I also have figured out my calling by what occupies my mind and makes my heart stir. Sometimes what wakes me up at night is exactly what God is calling me to do no matter how impossible it seems. It is those passions we have in life that get us excited! Let that energy and passion shine through you to do the will of God and act on the calling He has stirred in your heart. Don’t waste time, but act today on what God is calling you to do and see how His kingdom comes and His will be done on this earth!


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