From One Tear To An Entire Bucket by Kenika  




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I suppose every woman has felt overwhelmed at various points in her life.  It would seem that stress, drama, and confusion come with the territory of life here on earth.  The one thing that is constant is change and studies have proven that change goes hand in hand with stress.  Obviously we have a choice whether or not we succumb to the pressure or persevere through it, but we will experience it all the same.

I was having a conversation recently with my Ladies On Life sisters, and I was reminded of times when I sang certain songs during worship and they had a cute little meaning to me.  Songs like, “This is the Air I Breathe (I’m desperate for You),”  and other very similar songs came to mind. I explained to them that, prior to my current season, I sang that song with a half raised hand and a gentle and calm, but sincere look on my face.  It’s a beautiful love song.  Just imagine me with a little smirk on my face, eyes closed, gently swaying and singing this song to God perhaps with one precious little tear rolling down only one cheek on my face.  Can you see it?

Now enter heartache, pain, confusion, lack of direction, depression, anxiety, you name it!  Now that same song with the same words that have been sung thousands of times over the years, comes to life in a completely different way.  Hard times take your worship to a whole other level.  The simplest words in a song can provide the very lifeline that you need.  In an episode of true brokenness I went from the cute little worshiper, who didn’t love God any less mind you, to the sobbing, nose full of snot, puffy faced, can’t see out of my eyes, gasping for air with both arms fully extended worshiper.  In that moment I literally became desperate for Him and lost without Him, instead of just singing about feeling that way.

I found myself in a place where I fully embraced the idea that I cannot live without Him.  Whether physically, literally, spiritually, figuratively, emotionally, it doesn’t matter, I need Him in every way. I am sure there have been times when I subconsciously felt as if there were some things that I could accomplish on my own.  Perhaps you feel that way sometimes too.  We say things like, “Well if God won’t do that, then I’ll do this,”  but the truth is if He doesn’t do it, you don’t want it to get done.  One thing is apparent, our need for Him.  He has everything under control. Be humble enough to let Him know you need Him and He’ll show you why.

Get Your “Self” Out Of Your Marriage by Sonya


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Our selfish desires and our flesh can get in the way of our marriage and what God intended for it to be. Lately I have been struggling with that, where I feel my needs are just as important or more important than my husband’s needs. I am realizing my needs can be self-centered and trying to have my husband play God to meet those needs.  In reality my husband can’t read my mind and know what I need all the time, only God can play that role. Therefore, focusing on what is in it for me can be so harmful to a marriage or any relationship.

God is in control and He wants the BEST for our marriage. I love the verse,  “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ,” Ephesians 5:21. This verse describes what a Spirit guided marriage is. We can see that the word “self” isn’t in that verse, but how to be unselfish and submitted to the other person. This is powerful and freeing once we understand the concept. The concept being that it isn’t about us, but our calling to be a husband or a wife to our spouse. This is a calling, how can we serve that person and treat them like God’s son or daughter?  If we can learn to do our job well by being that spouse God called us to be, our selfish desires and wants are put aside because we are getting fulfilled by the Spirit and only God can do that. I have a wonderful husband of eleven years but I have to constantly keep my guard up and block my flesh for getting in the way of our relationship. If I don’t see my selfishness as a problem and let it creep into my marriage, then it can be so harmful and destroy that relationship. Also to stop putting the blame on the other person and realizing we need to work first with ourselves and let God work in your spouse’s heart.

My relationship with my husband is far too important to let sin ruin our relationship. I confess, I have to work at and not focus the blame on him. It is recognizing that I am sinful and I can’t do this without Christ. Taking my mind off of Christ can lead me right back into being selfish again and again. We are human and will make mistakes over and over, but if we can give our marriage to Christ and let Him do the work in us, what a difference that can make.


God Pleasers by Trish

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Recently at church, our music minister made a statement that was so simple, yet so profound. He made reference to people being “God pleasers”.  That phrase resonated with me and for the duration of our time of worship, all I could do was just focus on my life and the desire to truly please God.

For a lot of women we find great satisfaction in serving others and there tends to be great fulfillment knowing that we’ve done something to contribute to the happiness of another.  While we should all adopt the heart of a servant, we should not become enslaved to the affirmation of the service provided.

People-pleasing is such a trap. It presents itself in pretty packaging and we deceive ourselves into thinking we are being a good Christian by running here, there and everywhere all in the name of “servanthood”. If “serving” others depletes me then I‘ve not served well. My mentor used to tell me “if helping others hurts me, it is time to stop helping”.

We have a responsibility to serve Jesus, who Himself came to serve and not be served. However, Jesus also knew what assignments to take on and when to pull away to retreat.

I believe that God is more interested in our lives being pleasing to Him first and out of the overflow of what we’re investing in, our time with Him and ourselves, we have more to offer those we are connected to.

So then, how do we please God?

1)      A lifestyle of FAITH

Hebrews 11:6 states that without FAITH, it is impossible to please God.


Hebrews 11:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)

6 But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].

*Bible Gateway (

Our faith shows God that our dependency is on Him. We are showing that our confidence is in His Word and not our situation. In any relationship, is trust not one of the most important pillars? We please God by honoring Him with a lifestyle of FAITH!


2)      A lifestyle of OBEDIENCE

What is it that God has prompted you to do? While our actions can’t “earn” us more of God’s love, I do believe that God takes pleasure in seeing us, as His daughters, obey His Word. Our response to His commands demonstrates our love for Him.

John 14:15 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

15 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.

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3)      A lifestyle of WORSHIP

Intimacy in a relationship is created when the desire to know and be known takes priority. In our relationship with God He desires to have connection with us and for us to know Him all the more. In true worship we abandon ourselves for the sake of expressing our love for Him. In other words, we make time for Him; we make worship a priority in our life. I believe this pleases God because it is evident that our relationship with Him is worth an interruption in our schedule or sacrifice of time. Worship is not just singing songs during the music portion of our church service, but worship is a lifestyle.  I worship my God by how I live life. Worship also includes dedicated time of devotion to the lover of our souls. There is love so deep to be experienced and it’s only found in that place of worship. The awesome thing is that when we dedicate ourselves to worship and spending time with Him, our intent may be to just express our love for Him and we are the ones who walk away refreshed and restored because in His presence there is FULLNESS OF JOY!


Psalm 16:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

*Bible Gateway (


Ladies, as you go about your day, aim to be a God-pleaser. The more you invest into your daily walk with Him, the more strength, grace and faith you’ll have for the journey!

The Things We Do For Love by Bombi

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Over the past decade pop culture has provided the entertainment world with some pretty interesting stories. Everything from vampires falling in love with humans, to killer zombies roaming the earth in search for brains, and folks eat this stuff up. Everyone has their own convictions on what they find entertaining and okay to watch. It seems to me that these types of stories are acceptable due to their drama and excitement, but mostly because of the romantic undertones that are cleverly interwoven into the story line. Ah the things we do for a good love story. Love is that element that can, at times, wash away the blood and gore. Yup, so many will gladly watch the bloody messes, as long as there is love in there somewhere.

In contrast, there are others who want to omit blood from stories. There are even some publishers who will remove every mention of the word “blood” from the Bible. For some this is fine, but for me this is absolutely sickening. Why? Because this is one bloody story we can’t afford to keep a secret. Because all power and eternal life is in the blood of Christ and without the shedding of this blood, there would be no forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 9:22).  Without the blood of Christ all mankind would be doomed.

With Easter on the way some might be thinking of bunnies and egg hunts, but I will be thinking of a lamb and that bloody day that the innocent Lamb of God took away the sins of this world by sacrificing Himself, by loving us. It was the most loving day in the history of the universe. While others feel glued to their kindles, books, and tablets reading of stories of forbidden and freakish love, I live in awe and amazement that God would stop at nothing to show His love for all of mankind. The things He did for love. God’s true love story has it all suspense, betrayal, promise, hope, sadness, death, life, and more. If you want to read an amazing, true love story, pick up a Bible and read Matthew Chapters 27-28. It’s the greatest love story of all time. The best read ever, I promise.