2020 Vision by Sonya- Spring 2020

​Having “2020” Vision is key in this First Quarter of the Year! Our eyes should be set on Jesus and develop laser focus on what He is doing in our life and His plans for us!​ So, what does it mean to have our eyes on Him and how do we need to focus and make that a priority into this New Year of 2020? ​Keeping my eyes on Jesus means to look to Him in all I do and not cave to the demands of this world. The demands of this world urge me to do and be more instead of focusing on Jesus who says you are enough and rest in His love.  This scripture in Zephaniah 3:17 sums it up best, “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”  When you do things unto God it doesn’t become a chore but it is pure delight and He will delight in you and rejoice over you!  He loves a heart after His. We are enough when we see things through God’s eyes and He is with us every step in the journey. Don’t look away but focus on God giving Him all your heart, mind and soul. ​Having “2020” vision for me this year is diving into His Word more and taking time to pray and spend time with God daily and allowing Him to be the priority. For me it means seeing Him in my daily life. Asking Him where and how He wants to use my time and talents. Being more purposeful is another way I have been working on to be more focused on God and not just saying “yes” to everything! I want to be in His will each day and take the time to listen and hear from Him. Letting the Holy Spirit guide you is key in this and not trying to force something in your ways but allowing God lead you in His direction. I wear this bracelet that a friend made me that says “Jesus is better” and this serves as my reminder of what I should be focused on. When our eyes are on Him, He shows us the way and guides our path. Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight!” Not saying it is easy to follow God as we have to take up the cross daily and put our selfish desires aside. Looking up to heaven and focusing on things above gives us the “2020” vision. His way is perfect and He does direct our steps and makes them straight when we do that! Are you ready to have all your eyes set on Him for 2020 and give God our “2020” vision and let Him be our lenses? Let’s get started and see what opportunities God will open up for you and not be blinded by the world as His ways are much better!  Remember “JESUS IS BETTER”!!!​

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Level of Care by Bombi- Spring 2020

Just last week a family friend of ours ended up in the hospital for some pretty serious stuff. Thankfully, he pulled through and is on the road to recovery. When he first reached the hospital with what just seemed to be no more than a bad cough, he thought he’d be in and out. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. He ended up being admitted for tests, and when the doctors realized it was something more serious, he had to be moved to another hospital in another city. The level of care needed was greater than what that little hospital had to give.

Sometimes we are like the person who thinks we’re doing okay, but we have something more serious under the surface. Maybe we are hurting and have been for a very long time, but we deal. We don’t really take it to God, but we try to manage. We cope. Sometimes we don’t realize our broken state, and our pain is leaking here and there. We are short with our spouse, or finding ourselves disconnected from family and friends. We scroll through our social media, feeling a way, not sure exactly what way, but we post. Maybe we put a quote out there, or share a feeling we didn’t think we would. It’s no big deal, it’s just a quick post. We can’t see that we are slowly broadcasting our inner ailments to everyone, except God. 

If you’re someone who is sensitive to the response or lack of response from others, you may struggle with a high level of offense. I know I’ve had my moments where I think  “No-one really cares. They say they do, but they don’t”. I  soon remember that people are limited. They can only say and do so much. I also realize there’s an intended place for my public broadcasts. It’s not at work, or social media. It’s not a statement t-shirt. That place is with the Lord. I’m not saying we can’t  verbally process something with another trusted person. What are therapists, loving family and real friends for? What I’m saying is, don’t keep it from God. Only our Father God can actually provide the level of care we need. I mean that in every literal and actual sense. If it seems like Judy the co-worker gives zero cares, you’re probably right. She  also most likely can’t do anything about your situation, but God can. He not only gives all the cares, but he wants to hear all about your cares. He wants do something about it! He contains the ability to give us the highest level of care needed for anything little or big thing. He can take it. I encourage you, the next time you catch yourself  keeping your hurts and anxieties from God, remind yourself that God already knows but wants to hear if from you. He wants you to cast (as in throw, hurl, fling) all of it on him. I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Put that junk on Broadcast to Him. Because He really does care. And the level of care He gives, will heal you and change you for His glory. 

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7(NIV)  

Out For Delivery by Trish

Last week I casually mentioned to my husband I would be putting the Christmas decorations up and he was fine with it. I was elated because I thought he would give me pushback about it being too soon. When he didn’t object, I ran with my plans…LOL. Now, I had ordered a new tree that was scheduled to arrive around Thanksgiving and was planning to wait until after that week to put the home together. However, I decided to go ahead and make room for the tree and decorate everything else.  Ironically enough, the day I put the decorations up, the tree arrived early and ahead of schedule. 

It was in that moment I felt God was showing me that He would deliver what I made room for. I know I’m referencing a very natural scenario but it was a lesson for me. Perhaps we’re waiting for something in our lives but we’ve not made the necessary adjustments or room in our life for what we’re anticipating.  Could it be that we miss moments/opportunities/ blessings because we’ve not made room?

I thought about the expectation of the Messiah’s arrival. Near the time of Jesus’ birth, Mary and Joseph were told there was no room in the Inn and so she gave birth to the King of Kings in a stable. Can you imagine being the Inn Keeper and realizing you had the opportunity to host our Lord and Savior but denied this incredible honor because there was no room for him?! I would like to think that if that had been me back in that time I would have had the discernment to clean out space to MAKE room. But we all know the story happened just was it was foretold and meant to happen. 

In our lives today, God has an abundance of gifts He’s wanting to deliver to us but we have a responsibility to make room and prepare for what we’re believing Him for. Let’s not delay our deliverance or blessings because we’re filled to capacity with other things that don’t belong in this season of expectation. 

Let’s do our part to make room for what is on the way and out for delivery. 

Cherish Time With Loved Ones by Sonya

​Going into the Thanksgiving season, it causes me reflect on the several loved ones that have passed away in the last year and being the thankful for the time I had with them! These grandparents were precious to me and I cherished the time we spent together. They taught me so much about life and to always look at the glass half full and embrace all of the goodness that life has to offer. Loved ones are a gift and blessing from God and so thankful for the time I had with them as they lived a full life. Our family was able to share a lot of memories with them over the holidays and our visits to go see them and hear all their stories. Theses stories made me realize that time was precious and that is one thing you can give to loved ones that mean the most to them is “your time.”​Taking the time to spend with the ones you love is a gift and you can’t get it back. I felt many times God nudging me to go see a loved one and when I did God filled me up in ways that I can’t explain. That time allowed me to refocus on what is important and pause in the busyness of life and focus on the ones that really matter. Investing this time in your loved ones is so essential and blessing as God has surrounded us by so many people that do care about you.  This Thanksgiving, really take the time to spend with the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you! Alot of times we take our family and friends for granted and they don’t know how much we appreciate them. Don’t miss out on those opportunities to love on them and care for your family and friends that are close to you. God has given them to us as a gift and lets celebrate that gift this holiday season. ​”Not neglecting to meet together, as in the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:25