The Power of A Seed by Trish








Have you ever taken a moment to look at, evaluate and appreciate the power of a seed? When held in the hand it looks so small, fragile, powerless and can be overlooked as insignificant. However, when planted in fertile ground, nurtured and tended to, the contents of the seed are forced to break forth and manifest the power it holds. Ironically enough it contained the power all along, it just needed to be placed in the right environment and cultivated.

So it is with our lives. We have limitless power to become bigger and better than what we are in our present state. I wonder how differently we would treat people if we could see beyond the shell of their exterior and see the power of the seed that is on the inside of them. Could it be we are walking past gold mines every day but are only captivated by what the human eye sees?

I received a letter this week from a former student of mine from years ago. I met this young man when he just a young boy. He lived a very troubled life that led him down a path of destruction and turmoil. Many gave up on him, as it seemed as though he was a “hopeless case.” His own choices did lead him to consequences and much regret, yet as I read his letter tears ran down my face because the words penned seemed as though they were from a completely different person. Such heartfelt words of sincerity and expression of a true relationship with Christ. I was in complete awe. It’s only the power of Christ’s love that can change a heart and transform a life. Yet all along, he had the potential within him to be great. Though others may not have seen it, God knew it because He’s the one who created him.

I urge us all to cultivate greatness in those around us. Speak life over those who need encouragement. They may not even know the treasure that is within them.

Each of us were created with purpose and destiny! We should also desire to achieve our own greatness that God has called us to. Keep in mind that “greatness” looks different for each person and should not be measured by the world’s standards. In order to cultivate this seed of greatness, we can take note from a couple of things a seed needs to grow:

  • The right environment

Plant yourself among people who bring out your best and challenge you to become better. Remove toxic people from your space. Create an atmosphere in your home that helps you grow. We can set the tone in our home by playing praise and worship. Nothing changes an environment more than an atmosphere where God is welcome! Be mindful of what you listen to, what you speak, and whom you allow to speak into you life.

  • Water Daily

Water provides refreshment to the soil that is cultivating the seed. So it is when we spend time with God. We allow His Word to refresh us and cause us to grow in our faith. His Word brings understanding, it brings revelation and it brings life. Create a lifestyle that includes spending time with God daily. Talk to Him, read your Word and learn and grow daily!

There is greatness in you. You may not see the fullness of your potential right now but it is there! Be patient. Just like the seed is placed in isolation and in what seems a cold and dark space. It’s only temporary, allowing time to nurture something very beautiful. Never underestimate the power of a seed. What was once hidden will soon be revealed for all to see, the beauty of what was there all along.


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Dispelling Lies by Trish








It’s 2018 and what are we as women going to do differently this year to grow, to challenge and to “become”?  By now I’m sure there have been many to-do lists, goals, plans and vison boards created to help us stay on task with what we desire to see fulfilled in this year. Be mindful that as soon as you take that first step towards self-improvement and growth, there will be an enemy waiting to launch missiles your way to get you off course and discourage your faith. One of the greatest tactics used against humanity are lies planted in our thought lives. The more we allow these lies to marinate in our brain the more power we give it to grow. Like a weed, it grows, rapidly choking out what was meant to give life and beauty such as those dreams and goals.

For us as women, most of us are moved by words. We take to heart what is said and what is not said. Some may refer to it as being, “too sensitive,” when in fact we have a God-given gift of feeling things very deeply. Our heart is attached to how words make us feel. It’s part of our make up as women.  So when either a person or the enemy speaks lies we must dispel these lies and replace them with the truth of God’s Word. As I thought about penning this article I began to list some of the top lies used against women and I want to encourage you to disarm the enemy by dispelling such lies.

Lie: 1 You aren’t valuable//Truth: Your worth is far above rubies

Proverbs 31:10King James Version (KJV)

10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

 Have you ever noticed that exquisite items aren’t visible? They are kept behind a locked counter out of sight and definitely out of reach. That is because the owner knows what has been invested to obtain such an item of worth and is not willing to risk it being mishandled or taken without its value being compensated for. Before I was married I would meet guys I was interested in or vice versa and it just never worked out. I felt like I was doing something wrong or being punished for something. I felt that way until God revealed to me I wasn’t being punished I was being protected. YOU ARE VALUABLE and you cannot rely on someone else to identify or validate this for you. You are not being “shelved” or set aside because you aren’t valuable. If you haven’t been “revealed” for a particular position or person, perhaps God is reserving you for those that can handle correctly the gift you are and value you bring.

Lie: You aren’t pretty//Truth: You are made in the image and likeness of God

 Genesis 1:27New International Version (NIV)

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

 What defines beauty? Let me remind you it is not in the hips, lips, booty and breasts. Those are temporal and going to change in time. Society has created a picture that beauty is all of these things and more. The beauty you carry should come from the inside of you and when you know your worth and where your beauty comes from it will show up in how you care for yourself and represent the God you serve. Notice I did say it would show up in how you care for yourself. Meaning beauty isn’t only having a good heart, but it also means caring for and presenting yourself like the queen you are. The essence of beauty is found in the image of who you mirror or represent.

To the young lady who is constantly comparing your waist size to someone else. Stop. You are enough.  Take care of who you are and walk in your beauty confidently whether size 2 or 22.

To the lady who has never been told, “You’re beautiful,” I’m telling you now that you are.  To the woman whose husband has eyes that have wandered elsewhere, don’t doubt yourself and mistake beauty for airbrushed images and fake body parts.

Lie: You’ve made too many mistakes//Truth: You can do all things through Christ

 Philippians 4:13New International Version (NIV)

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

 I love reading about people who have failed in life and yet have had this amazing comeback moment that launched them into destiny and purpose.  Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Colonel Sanders to name a few. Then in the Bible we have those who were unlikely candidates for success.  Moses with a speech impediment, chosen to lead God’s people, David, a ruddy kid on the back side of the mountain chosen as King, Mary, an adolescent girl chosen to give birth to the Messiah. So, who are you to tell God and others what you’re not capable of doing?

You are created to win, to excel and overcome EVERY obstacle. No weapon formed against shall be successful.  You are a daughter of God, which means you are royalty.  Don’t allow a lie to cause you to question your role or forfeit your dream!

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All Day Long by Bombi

I don’t know if it’s something the world tells us or we tell ourselves, or if it’s just an issue of inflated ego, but the idea of having enemies kind of stinks. There is some idea that if you’re positive and friendly enough then everyone will find you likeable. However it’s evident that no matter who you are, you’ll have enemies. You can be Mother Teresa, a bouncing cute little baby, or the savior of the world, and still you will have those who dislike you and want to see you lose.

Maybe the thought of that doesn’t move you. If that’s true, that’s awesome. But given a few different circumstances and when you find yourself a bit desperate for a win, well that idea isn’t very fun.

Recently I read Psalms 25. I always get surprised by David’s way of being in tune with his feelings and his faith in such a relevant way. I’m thankful to know that this king, this ancestor of Jesus Christ, this “man after God’s own heart,” struggled too and decided to write it down so that we can read it and be encouraged by it.  I’m thankful that I’m not the only one that lives day-by-day needing God’s grace, needing His mercy, and seeking His hope.

When David says, “my hope is in you all day long,” I realize that he must have needed to hang onto God minute by minute. Not half a day, not just in the morning, but he was holding onto God’s hope all day long.  I hope this encourages you like it does me. To know the same struggles King David had is the same that we have today, and the same God that gave him hope thousands of years ago is still giving it out today. Not just once a day, but all day long.

Psalm 25[a] Of David.

1 In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.

2 I trust in you;

do not let me be put to shame,

nor let my enemies triumph over me.

3 No one who hopes in you

will ever be put to shame,

but shame will come on those

who are treacherous without cause.

4 Show me your ways, Lord,

teach me your paths.

5 Guide me in your truth and teach me,

for you are God my Savior,

and my hope is in you all day long.

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Wonder Woman by Sonya








I am excited for this fall season and for me it feels like a fresh start to a new chapter in my life.  I have been really asking God, “How are you going to use me in this next season?”  He hasn’t given me the answers right away, but has given me open doors of where He wants me to walk through and then show me the next step.  In this season, God is teaching me to not be a “Wonder Woman” to the world but to Him.  The movie, “Wonder Woman,” came out recently and has got me thinking of how we are God’s “Wonder Women” and what does that look like?

God views us women as strong warriors and not just sidekicks or afterthoughts.  We are created in His image and so important to Him.  Wonder Woman is the first superhero to be fully equipped in combat skill, yet purely motivated by love and not vengeance.  This goes to describing the Proverbs 31 woman where she is fully equipped to do the work God has set out for her and her household, but does it in love. Her words have power and God gives her wisdom as Proverbs 31:26-27 states, “When she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule when she gives instructions. She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness.”  The Proverbs 31 woman is a noble woman and through God gets things done for His glory.

As I was reflecting on my life, I realized there are things that I needed to say “no” to in this season in order to be used by God more.  God has shown me what things in my life are worth fighting for and He’s giving me a passion about certain ministries to keep pursuing.  I don’t have it all figured out and don’t have to be everything to everyone.  God is guiding me to follow His voice and not the voice of the world and how it defines “Wonder Woman.”  Will you take this journey with me and allow God to define you in this season? God wired you to be you so don’t try to copy or be like someone else because who you are is God’s best, and you’re not just a lady to Him, but His “Wonder Woman.”


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