Do You Hear What I Hear by Trish W.

It’s Christmas season and by the title alone, you may assume this will be a traditional holiday post, but it isn’t. 

My husband’s family were all together  (siblings and parents) for Thanksgiving. We decided to spend the holiday together among our small group since Covid has changed things a bit for us all this year. 

We rented a vacation home and had such a great time just being together! One afternoon I was playing a game with my niece when I heard my bonus daughter say to my niece (or so I thought) “you can beat her, she’s 41!”. 

I turned myself around so quick and looked at her and said “what did you say?” as if to challenge her assumption that my age would hinder me from winning. When I repeated what I thought she said, she started laughing and said “NO! I made a reference to the score being FOUR TO ONE”. We all laughed and she has since reminded me of how off my hearing was.

Isn’t that like life though? We make assumptions based on what we hear. Sometimes our hearing is filtered by many different things such as fear, insecurity, level of understanding or simply the inability to hear correctly. Or maybe what we hear are a lot of facts but we haven’t taken the time to weigh them against God’s truth. 

Right now as we end 2020, we see how this pandemic has spoken loud and clear over the various areas of our lives.It’s not a lie, this pandemic is real and should be taken seriously. Yet, even among the mountain of facts that surround us, God’s truth is greater. 

It’s as if a walking billboard or teleprompter has invaded our personal space reminding us at every turn of our limitations and challenges at hand. Yet in the middle of some very real and raw dangers, do you hear what I hear?

Through the muffle of the constant news reports, social distancing and isolation, I can hear God say “fear not, I will never leave you or forsake you”.

Beyond the valid cries of those hurting among us or even our own cries, I can hear God say “Peace, be still”.

In spite of the flood of phone calls, text messages and social media posts reiterating fear, I hear God say, “I’ve not given you the spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind.”

Despite the overwhelming  knowledge of economic decline I hear God say “I am your provider.”

As a child of God we must keep our  ear close to His heartbeat which found in His Word so we can HEAR beyond what we  hear. 

In this season I know it’s tough and no one should tell you how to walk your own journey. We are all finding our way in these uncertain times. If I can just encourage you with this, although times are uncertain, God’s love and faithfulness is not. He is faithful and He will see us through. I encourage you to spend time in His Word and focus on His truth above all else.

 Beyond the fear, beyond the noise, beyond the loss, beyond the hurt there is a voice longing to bring your comfort, wisdom and direction. His voice is greater than all else. Even now, He’s speaking, silence the noise so you can hear His voice.