Level of Care by Bombi- Spring 2020

Just last week a family friend of ours ended up in the hospital for some pretty serious stuff. Thankfully, he pulled through and is on the road to recovery. When he first reached the hospital with what just seemed to be no more than a bad cough, he thought he’d be in and out. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. He ended up being admitted for tests, and when the doctors realized it was something more serious, he had to be moved to another hospital in another city. The level of care needed was greater than what that little hospital had to give.

Sometimes we are like the person who thinks we’re doing okay, but we have something more serious under the surface. Maybe we are hurting and have been for a very long time, but we deal. We don’t really take it to God, but we try to manage. We cope. Sometimes we don’t realize our broken state, and our pain is leaking here and there. We are short with our spouse, or finding ourselves disconnected from family and friends. We scroll through our social media, feeling a way, not sure exactly what way, but we post. Maybe we put a quote out there, or share a feeling we didn’t think we would. It’s no big deal, it’s just a quick post. We can’t see that we are slowly broadcasting our inner ailments to everyone, except God. 

If you’re someone who is sensitive to the response or lack of response from others, you may struggle with a high level of offense. I know I’ve had my moments where I think  “No-one really cares. They say they do, but they don’t”. I  soon remember that people are limited. They can only say and do so much. I also realize there’s an intended place for my public broadcasts. It’s not at work, or social media. It’s not a statement t-shirt. That place is with the Lord. I’m not saying we can’t  verbally process something with another trusted person. What are therapists, loving family and real friends for? What I’m saying is, don’t keep it from God. Only our Father God can actually provide the level of care we need. I mean that in every literal and actual sense. If it seems like Judy the co-worker gives zero cares, you’re probably right. She  also most likely can’t do anything about your situation, but God can. He not only gives all the cares, but he wants to hear all about your cares. He wants do something about it! He contains the ability to give us the highest level of care needed for anything little or big thing. He can take it. I encourage you, the next time you catch yourself  keeping your hurts and anxieties from God, remind yourself that God already knows but wants to hear if from you. He wants you to cast (as in throw, hurl, fling) all of it on him. I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Put that junk on Broadcast to Him. Because He really does care. And the level of care He gives, will heal you and change you for His glory. 

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7(NIV)