New Season of Motherhood by Sonya

As I think of Spring being here and the new season it brings, it reminds me of the new season of motherhood I have entered in. My oldest daughter is turning 14 and I know people told me to not blink and enjoy each moment because it goes so fast. I didn’t realize how fast it went until this new season of having a teenager and seeing how this last year has just flown by with her. I am feeling emotional and having a hard time letting go. Some days I may see her for a total of an hour a day because she is in school and sports activities. In these times, it makes me really appreciate and not take for granted the times I have with her. As a mom, you want your child to grow and mature but when they don’t need you as much it is hard to make that adjustment. It is natural for a mother to want to feel needed and wanted but as they get older their needs change and their time is divided as they want to hang out with their friends and are involved in activities. It can be hard entering in this new season raising teenagers and family time is precious when you get it.

Consistent and open communication is also key.  Allowing your child to be able to share anything is important to connecting with them in each new season. Something as simple as giving them an email or text to say you love them or hi can help stay connected while they are at school and can help your child feel loved that you were thinking of them. ​

This new season of motherhood has allowed me to focus on being their #1 cheerleader since they are not home as much but watching what they love to do and being present in their activities. Just supporting them in activities and knowing you are in their corner speaks volumes to your child. As a mom in this new season I am learning a lot and that I need God more and more.  Being a mom we want to nurture and comfort but I am learning I have to do that from afar in these teenage years as their needs are different. I am learning to be okay with that and pray more for God to guide me. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer in your new season of motherhood. God will carry you and give you what you need and the wisdom at that time. “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah: 66:13. Knowing this comfort in God helps guide me through this new season of motherhood. When you enter into a new season in motherhood, just know you’re not alone and God is with you every step of the way. ​