A Heart of Gratitude by Trish

Perhaps it is just how I view life as I mature with age, but I’m amazed at the overwhelming amount of selfishness and lack of gratitude in our society.  That is not to say that all of society is ungrateful but it is evident nonetheless.

A culture of entitlement, pride and self- deserved behavior has replaced humility, gratitude and benefits due to hard work and consistency. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a home where we were rewarded for hard work and good behavior. Nothing was given just because. Or maybe it was because there were many Christmas holidays when nothing was under the tree other than my little brother looking up admiring the lights. There was no expectation or demand for a Christmas wish list to be fulfilled. We focused on what mattered most and poured our attention and energy in our relationships not things.

Today, I’m appalled when I see and hear children making demands of their parents and further astonished when this same behavior is demonstrated among grown adults.

We’ve fostered a culture where everyone is a winner and everyone deserves a trophy. So now when a reward is given, it is received with an attitude of what is owedto them and not a spirit of gratitude or even accomplishment for a job well done.

I truly believe the more we soften or hearts and become less self-absorbed the more opportunities are automatically open to us to receive the very best in life.

When we set our affections on Jesus and are grateful for what He has done for us it causes our hearts to be filled with sincerity and gratitude.  I believe gratitude attracts the greater things in life. When we are found faithful over the small things we are given, we are provided the opportunity to receive and be a steward of even greater things.

The next time we are tempted to be selfish and demanding of what we think we should have, let us be mindful of those who would give anything for a clean cup of water, a warm shower, nice bed and a hot meal. I don’t say this to diminish having our desires met or wanting nice things. It’s all about priorities and maintaining a pure heart and most importantly saying “thank you” to the One who gives to us to freely. It all belongs to Him and the least we can do is share with others and have a heart of gratitude.

Photo Credit: By Sutlafk / Freepik