First Things First by Trish

It’s that time of year where most people are in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. The focus has shifted to doing whatever necessary to making the season so perfect. Many are evaluating what was accomplished (or not accomplished) during the past year while simultaneously making new goals for the new year.

It’s so important for us to discern which season of life we’re in and not be disappointed if it’s not the season you’d like it to be. Different seasons demand different or specific seeds to be sown and each brings about its own harvest. If we’re not careful we’ll begrudgingly “endure” the season, instead of thriving in whatever state we’re in.

In whatever season or state, we must keep our priorities in check. Is our relationship with God thriving? Is our home life peaceful and growing in love? Are we being good stewards of the finances God has trusted us with? Just those three things alone can cause a train wreck if we’re not prioritizing correctly. I myself will lift both hands in the air for not managing any one of those three things well on multiple occasions.  Yet we still have the responsibility to come back to our core values and honor what we know to be priority.

Maybe it means setting a boundary in gift giving so that you’re not in debt financially. Perhaps it looks like going to bed earlier so you have time for yourself in the morning before the kids wake up, or even saying “no” to the church potluck so you’re not overwhelmed in the kitchen to present the perfect dish, when you could be spending time with your family.

I’m learning that when I keep first things first, I feel more at peace.  Then when life throws a curveball I can recover faster and push through if there is strength in the areas I’ve nurtured all along, be it with my walk with God or family.

My priorities may not look like yours and that’s okay. Determine what’s important to you and don’t get distracted by anything not helping you grow, learn, advance and become who you were meant to be all along. Remember, first things first, everything else can wait.