The Power of A Seed by Trish








Have you ever taken a moment to look at, evaluate and appreciate the power of a seed? When held in the hand it looks so small, fragile, powerless and can be overlooked as insignificant. However, when planted in fertile ground, nurtured and tended to, the contents of the seed are forced to break forth and manifest the power it holds. Ironically enough it contained the power all along, it just needed to be placed in the right environment and cultivated.

So it is with our lives. We have limitless power to become bigger and better than what we are in our present state. I wonder how differently we would treat people if we could see beyond the shell of their exterior and see the power of the seed that is on the inside of them. Could it be we are walking past gold mines every day but are only captivated by what the human eye sees?

I received a letter this week from a former student of mine from years ago. I met this young man when he just a young boy. He lived a very troubled life that led him down a path of destruction and turmoil. Many gave up on him, as it seemed as though he was a “hopeless case.” His own choices did lead him to consequences and much regret, yet as I read his letter tears ran down my face because the words penned seemed as though they were from a completely different person. Such heartfelt words of sincerity and expression of a true relationship with Christ. I was in complete awe. It’s only the power of Christ’s love that can change a heart and transform a life. Yet all along, he had the potential within him to be great. Though others may not have seen it, God knew it because He’s the one who created him.

I urge us all to cultivate greatness in those around us. Speak life over those who need encouragement. They may not even know the treasure that is within them.

Each of us were created with purpose and destiny! We should also desire to achieve our own greatness that God has called us to. Keep in mind that “greatness” looks different for each person and should not be measured by the world’s standards. In order to cultivate this seed of greatness, we can take note from a couple of things a seed needs to grow:

  • The right environment

Plant yourself among people who bring out your best and challenge you to become better. Remove toxic people from your space. Create an atmosphere in your home that helps you grow. We can set the tone in our home by playing praise and worship. Nothing changes an environment more than an atmosphere where God is welcome! Be mindful of what you listen to, what you speak, and whom you allow to speak into you life.

  • Water Daily

Water provides refreshment to the soil that is cultivating the seed. So it is when we spend time with God. We allow His Word to refresh us and cause us to grow in our faith. His Word brings understanding, it brings revelation and it brings life. Create a lifestyle that includes spending time with God daily. Talk to Him, read your Word and learn and grow daily!

There is greatness in you. You may not see the fullness of your potential right now but it is there! Be patient. Just like the seed is placed in isolation and in what seems a cold and dark space. It’s only temporary, allowing time to nurture something very beautiful. Never underestimate the power of a seed. What was once hidden will soon be revealed for all to see, the beauty of what was there all along.


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