The Cure For Christmas by Kenika


Last year around this time it was very important for me to shed light on the fact that the end of the year holiday season is not joyous for everyone. Some because it’s a reminder of loved ones that are no longer with them whether through death or separation, for others it’s due to depression and other factors.  I wrote that article on behalf of others and to be honest, on behalf of myself.  The end of the year has traditionally been hard for me.  Not for any of the reasons above though. One reason is that I start reflecting on the past year and dredging up my disappointments regarding what I did or didn’t accomplish.  I start to wallow and wonder if I wasted time, missed opportunities, or said, “yes” to the wrong ones.  The second reason might catch you by surprise.

I love the holidays!  It really is an incredible time of year. From the love, fellowship and sense of community everywhere you go, to the generosity of gift giving and receiving. We spend so much time decorating, making lists, shopping, wrapping and putting those well thought out (for some) gifts for those we love and care about under our trees. Gifts are my number one love language so I enjoy giving equally as much as I like to receive them.  Giving them is a joy because I really try my best to get the person something they need or just really wanted.  Receiving a gift is special because I’m always blown away and humbled that someone thought enough of me to spend their hard earned money to make me smile.

Because I love this time of year so much, I get super sad and almost post-partum like when it’s done.  This year, however, I had the world’s most obvious and simple epiphany.  We get to do it all over again next year!  Instead of letting sadness set in after I’ve opened the last gift, and walked out of the last Christmas party, I will remember how blessed we are, God-willing, to experience it all over again next year!  It’s true that tomorrow is not promised, but the cure for Christmas this year is recalling how blessed you are to have made it here and the privilege you will have of experiencing it all over at the end of another 12 months.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Kenika


Photo Credit:ID 82319496 © Igor Mojzes | Dreamstime