Christ News To Share by Sonya


Think about this, what do you do when you have great news to share and you can’t keep it to yourself? It could be like a job promotion, engagement, and an honor or award you received. This news is hard to just keep secret and you must share it to your family and friends so they can celebrate with you and experience the fullness of that joy in what you’ve achieved. Do you feel that same with the news of Christ born this Christmas? Do you get overjoyed and excited and want to share with everyone around you that He is born and He is the gift of salvation?  Is it the same or is it two different things sharing God’s word and love?

This news is not just a story, but also the truth of God’s word that brings hope and light to the world and we should be more than excited to share that with all we come in contact with. Not saying you have to shout it out but to truly be an example of God’s light and bring love to all that you come in contact with. Taking the time to do that will bring each of us the fullness of His joy and peace this Christmas and will take our minds off our to-do lists and our own needs. Sharing Christ’s news through our actions or words focuses us to see what truly is important this Christmas season and how that story of a little baby born in a manager isn’t just a fun story to share, but a life-changing message to share with others. Be bold in sharing this news as Romans 1:16 says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” This message of Christmas has power and, by sharing it, can change lives to know they have a perfect Savior that came for us to give us life. Now that is exciting news to share and to not keep it in!

Photo Credit:ID 77578872 © Sherah Martin | Dreamstime