You Make Me Brave by Trish












A couple of weeks ago I witnessed my brother go to “battle” as an MMA fighter in the cage. Something was different about this fight. As a sister, I had all the nerves and butterflies but there was a sense that this fight was going to be different in some way and that it was. With it being my brother’s first fight viewed in homes nationwide, I watched in awe at what God did through his life.

My brother’s fight was the Main Event so naturally he was last. During the pre-fight interview my eyes were glued to the TV as he openly shared about Jesus. He commented how this fight was not about the opponent or even the fight itself, but rather an opportunity to compete and more importantly share Jesus with others. He then stated how the real “fights” in life are the battles we face day by day. In that moment, I felt as though he already won. He showed up and used the platform God had given him for sharing God’s love.  When I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw him face the crowd but his focus was on God. His music started playing as he entered the audience I heard the song “You Make Me Brave” playing, a worship song, not the typical harsh and sometimes vulgar come out music for fighters.  With his trainer, corner men (and corner woman, his amazing wife) walking out with him he stopped, paused, raised His hands and without shame praised his God.

He entered the cage and in the natural lost the fight but I looked at the TV with tears in my eyes because in that span of time he won something so much bigger than a belt or a title.

You see, there will be many “battles” we face in life and oftentimes there is a crowd watching. Some cheering us on and others wishing to see us break and bleed. Nonetheless, HE makes us brave and we are required to show up, lift our hands and trust God to do His will through our lives.

Are we being brave in how we live? Do we show faith especially in audiences that don’t celebrate what we live for? Are we trusting God with our finances, our marriages, our families and so on? Are we brave when we look at facts contrary to God’s truth? Faith comes easy to talk about but much harder to walk out. In all these things, let us keep our eyes on God and allow Him to make us BRAVE!


Photo of: @parnelldavismma