How to Sleep Through A Storm by Bombi

I come from earthquake country. Having said that, I’ve never witnessed anything over a little tremor with walls shaking. So this year, when I found myself prepping for a possible category 5 hurricane, I didn’t really know what to expect feelings-wise.

As the storm approached and the noise of the wind grew louder, I grew more concerned. I lay in my bed thinking that anything can happen. At one point I was actually picturing the worst. I’m not much of an anxious person when it comes to weather, but this time it was different. My heart started to race a bit, my thoughts raced faster. I didn’t want to utter a word to anyone, why make my family worry, why put negativity out there? I spent the days and moments leading up to the storm prepping and feeling quite confident that everything would just blow over and all would be good. But when we were in the middle of it, my thoughts changed.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take the angst I was feeling, God brought to my memory the time the disciples were in a boat in the middle of their storm. (Matthew 8:23-27) The waves were sweeping over the boat. Things were getting bad and where was Jesus? He was asleep. The disciples ended up waking him up frantically asking him to save them. What did he do? He rebuked both them and the waves.

It was at that memory I thought, “If Jesus could speak peace to the storm and sleep fine, then so can I.” With that, I relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Now I know that there have been and will be storms of all sorts throughout my life. I can take heart in this true story knowing that, even though Jesus is with me, I’m still human, I still get afraid. Even though my faith falters, I can call on him to save me, and he will.  When he calms my storms I remember that he knows hands on what it feels like to be in the middle of one. He knows how to speak to the wind and the waves to make it obey. If He can speak to the storms, then so can you and I.

Peace, be still. (Mark 4:39)


Photo Credit:ID 38387870 © Viorel Dudau | Dreamstime