Back To School- The Kids Are Ready, But Are We? by Trish








By mid-August my “bonus daughter” will be leaving for college and quite honestly it’s daunting. While I’m excited for her next phase of life, I find myself pondering how this beautiful, brilliant and incredible young lady will transition into her new life.  And although she’s been raised with incredible morals and a good foundation from her Dad as well as other family, I still find myself asking… Will she find the right friends?  Will she stay focused on her studies?  Will she make good choices? Is she prepared to be away from home? Will she meet and date the guy she is going to marry?

It’s crazy being a parent/stepparent. Your mind tends to wonder and second guess if you’ve done all you can do to be an example, to instill the right things and so on. Let’s just pause right here because while most people have 18 years to wrap their brain around this parenting thing, I’ve had a 12-month crash course. In my own translation being a stepparent means stepping in where needed, as needed, if needed and most importantly not overstepping your boundaries. It’s a tricky thing to learn and balance. However, I’m learning to embrace the process and the role I’m assigned to and might I add the operative word is “learning.” Every day I’m introduced with a new lesson and some pop quizzes here and there.

As our children prepare for their school year be it elementary, high school, or college we as Christian parents have an obligation to pray for them and cover them. Our children are facing temptations and pressures we know nothing of. While it’s my desire for this amazing young lady to make good decisions, it’s even more important that she makes Godly decisions. But it is her decision and our job is to equip her with God’s Word and trust that if we train up a child in the way they should go when they are old, the will not depart. (Proverbs 22:6).

So I put my questions aside and pray for God’s protection and leading because at the end of the day, I know the real question isn’t, “Is she ready for the world?” but rather, “Is the world ready for her?”

Photo Credit:ID 50102932 © Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) | Dreamstime