The Secret About Your Strength by Kenika

African American woman in street wear walking out of an elevator.

Think back to the last time you said, “I can’t take this anymore,” “I give up,” or simply felt the urge to walk away.  Now think about the dozens of times you’ve probably said that in previous years.  Would you like to know something I’ve discovered that is so powerful? You never gave up.  You never quit. You never walked away.  No matter how close you were to the proverbial edge, you didn’t plummet over it.  That means you are stronger than you think you are.

Even in your weakest moments, you still managed to overcome. At the height of your emotions, you were capable enough to maintain.  I’ve personally felt guilty and weak in quitting moments.  It took the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit to show me the mystery treasure buried within the obstacles I was facing.  I’m still here.  I’m still believing God for His plans for my life, I haven’t run out of juice and I’m continuing in this race with everything I’ve got.  We are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  Not with strength of our own of course, but the strength we possess via the One we carry inside of us.  Jesus is great, and Jesus is living in us making us great.  He is strong, He is mighty, He is confident and we can pull from the deepest reservoir of power the universe will ever know.

You are stronger than you think.  I’m not saying that to be redundant, I’m saying it so that it sinks in.  You can do this, because you’ve already done it before.  The last time you thought you were going to lose it, you didn’t, you made it, and you will make it again.  Trouble is a much a guarantee as paying taxes to the U.S. government this season!  But instead of bracing yourself for disaster, remind yourself to be strong. As strong as you were the last time you faced something similar.  With Jesus Christ, the Greatest Overcomer of all time, you are an overcomer whether you feel like it or not. Draw from the strength that resides in the depths of who you are.  You won’t break, you won’t be destroyed, you will continue on and you will make it!

Photo Credit:© Jameswimsel | Dreamstime Stock Photos