At Peace With Me by Kenika


It’s such a familiar scene. We’ve just ended one year and we’re at the beginning of another. Even though we experience this year after year, there are still many people who throw the last year out with claims of it’s horribleness and cruelty, and project with excitement what the next year will bring. I have to admit I’ve done the same thing for more years than what I would like to admit. Somewhere along the way, however, I realized that it isn’t the year itself that makes life good or bad, but life in and of itself presents us with triumphs and challenges. It doesn’t matter how things have been or what you thought they would be, it oftentimes is more about how you respond.

For this next transition I find myself desiring peace more than anything else. It’s easy to make a list of all that you want to accomplish, been there, done that. Or even better complain about what you didn’t get done the last year and make pledges to finish strong in the coming year, been there too. But what will prove to be most difficult is to decide to live in peace. To maintain peace throughout every trial, test, twist and unexpected turn life may throw. Choosing peace with life, the state of the world, the country or just with me. Learning to be at peace with all that I’ve accomplished and all that I have yet to accomplish. Just to be okay with who I currently am and with who I one day desire to be. Peace is a powerful thing. It provides calm in the midst of storms, and steadies your heart and mind when the pressure is on.
Instead of setting myself up to fail with plans that I don’t have control over anyway, I’m making a decision during this next transition to fight fervently to simply be at peace.


Photo Credit:ID 68713568 © Sasa Mihajlovic |