3-D Vision (Division)





Election time is fast approaching and as I made my way to Early Voting you could sense the anticipation, the wonder, and even the anxiety of what is to come. I’ve thought a lot during this election season on who would I choose and what would make me come to my final conclusion?  I’ve seen simple statements of opinion turn to heated arguments, perspectives shared turn to disputes loaded with venom and friends turn on one another all on the platform of social media. All of this causes me to wonder, are we truly the UNITED States of America? Based on what I’m seeing it’s a picture of chaos, slander and even hatred.

Think about the last statement I just made… “Based on what I’m SEEING”, the vision in front of me is painting a picture that does not reflect who we should be, and that is united.

Perhaps what we’re seeing or setting our sights on is more of what I’d like to call “3-D Vision” (or DIVISION) and we have the ability to change it!

This article is not to talk about who the better candidate is. If I had my way, we would have a new set of people to choose from but that’s just me. The fact of the matter is we have two candidates to choose from and it is our civil duty as Americans to select the candidate who best reflects our personal values. My duty as a Christian is to carefully pray, vote based on my personal convictions and then trust God in all circumstances realizing He is the ultimate authority.

Let’s look at how the 3-D vision is affecting our culture and what we can do to change it!

  • Distraction

The mud-slinging, insults hurled and the countless images and advertisements are all distracting us and causing many of us to lose focus. We must realize that politics are never fair and with the best of our ability we must look at the bigger picture at hand. We cannot allow such distractions to cause us to not walk in love and remain faithful to our testimony as believers. We know in these end times, such behavior will be evident and shocking and disturbing news will unfold. Why are we surprised and distracted by what the Bible told us would happen? How can we be carriers of LIGHT if we’re distracted by the darkness around us?

  • Deception

We must seek the face of God and ask Him to protect our hearts from deception. Not everyone who makes a promise has intentions of keeping it. I’d encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and not a person. A man or woman will not save this country. The truth of the matter is we need Jesus in our land. Let’s not be deceived by flattery and smokescreens. Deception is so dangerous because it contains elements of truth but is motivated by what is false. Let’s not be deceived by the persuasive words of people but let’s come together as a community of believers and pray that the Spirit of the living God would visit our house, the church house and the White House. We need truth, we need justice and we need God!

  • Division

Whether Republican or Democrat, we’re all AMERICAN and we have the awesome privilege to choose as we see fit. Let’s not allow political parties and differences of opinions to separate and divide us as a nation. I may not agree with my neighbor but I can value the fact they have something to contribute and with respect I can agree to disagree and keep it moving.   It’s not my job to manage the thoughts and opinions of others, it is my job to pray, share my faith and be a light. I cannot share the love of Christ if I’m bashing the ones I’m called to love on.

I urge us all as ladies to pray for our nation, pray that repentance and revival would awaken us all and we would proudly remain the UNITED States of America. November 8th will come and go and someone will be elected into office. Let us honor the position held by the elected person and remain steadfast, unmovable, unshakeable and always abounding in the work of the Lord.

Let’s change what we see by becoming what we believe is possible!


Photo Credit:ID 42569541 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com