A Woman of Standard by Trish


Standard by definition (and with me paraphrasing) means to display a level of quality or excellence. To me, having a standard equates to having a “line in the sand” that says “this is my boundary and I will faithfully hold fast to what I personally believe is best for me.”

What does a lady with a standard look like in today’s society? I believe she has a standard to be just that, a lady. I personally believe that a lady with a standard has a conviction so deep within her heart to maintain excellence that she is not persuaded by her peers or outside influences to succumb to what others desire or expect. She knows who is, what she believes in and she is secure in her identity and belief system.

Before you can set a standard for your life, you must identify what your personal belief system is or in other words, what you STAND for. As Christian women, our belief system is rooted in the ultimate truth and that is the Word of God.

Being a woman with a standard and ESPECIALLY a Christian woman with a standard is not the most popular thing but, it will provide a fence of protection around your life to maintain that which is precious, YOU. You must recognize the value of who you are and set your standards to match your worth.

Keep in mind your set of standards may vary from the majority and that is okay. This does not make you more or less than the lady next to you. It is possible to maintain your standards without imposing them onto others or treating others differently who view and do life opposite of you.

In our home, we have a framed poster hanging on our wall and it is our family values, the standard by which we have chosen to govern our home. Are we perfect, not even close, but this standard is serving its purpose in reminding us how we’ve chosen to live life.

I challenge you ladies to look at your life. Do you need to identify your values so your standards are in place? Perhaps you need to rebuild the walls of your standards because you’ve compromised areas you know aren’t true to what you know is right for your life.

What do you stand for? What are you passionate about upholding as your personal truth? Live life boldly and be a woman of standard!


Photo Credit:ID 37012244 © Racorn | Dreamstime.com