An Altered Life by Trish


ID 65391693 © Mateusz Matliński |

It was a typical Sunday morning and during our worship service I saw that a couple of the members from our church came to the front of the stage in our sanctuary. With voices raised and hands lifted, these two worshipped God without shame and had a personal encounter with Him at their own “altar”.

As I glanced in their direction, the memory files in my mind played back to the church I grew up in where there were actual altars at the front of the sanctuary. No one had to plead or beg people to visit the altar as it was always open for those who were seeking salvation, forgiveness or just a renewal of their faith.

This next statement is not to criticize our churches in any way, so don’t take it personal.  My mind can’t help but wonder how our services would be different if we had actual altars back inside the churches, with an open invitation, for a good one on one meeting with Jesus?

But then I ponder this even further and consider how our personal lives would be transformed if we built an altar in our heart and mind where we were mindful of His presence at all times?

What if we chose to live an ALTERED life?  Now, an altar is a place that represents sacrifice. Living a life of sacrifice means I surrender my will for God’s. I replace the cares of this world for His purpose to be accomplished in my life.

Let’s look at the same word but with a different meaning, alter. To alter means to make changes or to adapt. Ladies, as we mature in our lives and in our faith there will be necessary alterations to be made. It won’t be easy and it may even hurt. To alter fabric you cut away and readjust what doesn’t belong. There may be things in your life that will need to be cut out and readjusted.

Let’s challenge one another to visit the altar of our hearts daily keeping Jesus the only thing there to be worshipped and allowing Him to make any alterations needed.  Let’s be intentional about creating a sacred place for Him in our hearts and in our lives.


Photo Credit:ID 65391693 © Mateusz Matliński |