A Father’s Love by Sonya



As I think about Father’s Day this month it reminds me of how important the love of a father is to a child. A father’s love is powerful and life changing to a child. I believe we all yearn for the approval and love from our father. For some it is hard if they don’t have an earthly father but our Heavenly Father is here always to show us His never ending love for us.  Fathers make a huge impact on the lives of their children. My father taught me so much but his presence and love far outweighed anything. He gave me a taste of what God’s love was like before I accepted Him in my heart. The presence of my father was the best gift he could give me.


I remember when my dad came to a “mother and daughter” event at school since my mom couldn’t make it and then came to a pageant I was in and was my number one cheerleader believing I would win it. It was in those moments I felt overwhelmed with love because my dad took the time to support me and be available. That kind of love shaped me into the person I am today.

Our Heavenly Father can show you that love but far more than we can comprehend. His love far exceeds any kind of love. God’s love is sacrificial and has no end and does not stop. So don’t lose hope if your earthly father is not with you or there for you but remember God is our ultimate Father and He wants to reveal His love to you in a whole new way. This Father’s Day take the time to open your heart to the real love God has in store and watch Him restore your life in a new way. Thank you to all the dads out there that show this kind of love to their kids and being there for them. A special thanks to my amazing father who has shown me that kind of love and thanks to my wonderful husband who has demonstrated that to our kids. These men in my life inspire me to be a better person and so thankful for that influence. Lastly thank you God for what you did by sending your Son to die for us so that we can have life abundantly and experience your sacrificial love.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!