New Season of Life by Sonya


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As we come into spring it really has me thinking of the new season of parenting I am entering in. My oldest daughter is in her pre-teens and going into middle school this fall.  There is a rollercoaster of emotions that I have been experiencing as I raise this precious daughter. I am emotional about her being so independent where she doesn’t need me as much as when she was a little girl. With that, her approaching puberty and will she be okay when that “girl time” comes?


I question myself if I have prepared her to stand firm on God’s word and know His truth.  Will she be ready for the peer pressure she will face and can she make the right decisions to go against the grain of what others are doing?  All these questions and more make me feel so inadequate as a mother but I realize I am not doing it alone as my heavenly father will guide my steps and show my husband and I how to parent in this next season. He will protect her and Holy Spirit will give her that discernment she needs to make the right decisions. There comes a time where we need to let go and allow God’s work in our children. We can’t hold their hands every moment or cushion all their falls or failures.


This new season of life brings me hope in knowing that this is a time where God is blossoming her into a young lady and to see your child’s faith lived out is such a miracle in itself. I have learned to keep that open communication so she can come talk to me about anything.  These conversations are so precious as your kids get older because you talk about life and concerns they have and you can share your experiences and bond in a deep way. Also having your home always be that safe haven where your kids come to and can lay their burdens down and always want to come home!


I want to embrace this new season of life with my daughter so I can see what God is doing and not be distracted and enjoy it because I know it doesn’t last long.  Take the time to enjoy each season with your child and don’t hurry it, but soak it in, because in the blink of an eye it goes by fast as I am learning that!


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