Never-Ending Story by Kenika


ID 37013448 © Racorn | Dreamstime.comI’m starting to feel like God is dealing with me in a certain way on purpose. That way is through the reality that no matter how many years I’ve lived, or how many times I’ve gone through self-improvement processes, I will never ever come to a place where I can say, “I have arrived.”  Believe it or not I view this as a good thing.  Just when I think I have a portion of my life all figured out for once, other areas are revealed within me to encourage continuous change.  As soon as I conquer impatience, my attitude needs adjusting. When I get my attitude in order, my emotions start going all over the place. Once I wrangle all of my wild emotions, I make a comment that offends someone.  Again, life is a continuous process of improvement. The moment we stop improving is the moment we stop living.

A quote I’ve used numerous times before, “The only thing that is constant is change.” (Heraclitus)  With that being the case, I want to make sure I’m on the front end of change because usually I’m on the back end. You know when things start adjusting and you’re sitting back scratching your head trying to figure out how or why?  I’d rather live my life in a way that change feels welcome because let’s be honest, it’s going to take over whether I let it or not. Ready your heart and your mind for people to change, jobs to change, scenery to change, and for you to change.  It will save you lots of time being hurt or offended and/or being the one is who constantly hurting and offending others. It’s okay to adjust.  Growing up, maturing, or simply altering your mindset is a good thing.  Every little tweak on your character is creating a more fabulous you!

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