Running On “E” by Trish


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Okay ladies let’s be honest. It’s only February and this year has been operating in full gear since Jan 1st! For some of my dear friends, this year has already presented incredible obstacles  and for others this year has been non-stop days filled with to-do lists that never seems to end.

It’s go, go, go …run here, run here, serve here, take care of this and be mindful of that and if we’re not careful we find ourselves running on empty.

As women we are caregivers by nature. We are helpers, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, mothers, wives, friends, homemakers, encouragers, counselors and so much more. However at the end of the day the most important title we will have is “daughter of God”. All of the other roles express what we do but we were created to be God’s beloved.

Last month I wrote about being committed to joy as this is where our strength comes from. Oh, how I have needed to be reminded of this so many times in this New Year already. I cannot give what I do not have and I cannot obtain what I do not partake of.

Simply put, a person will not have within their natural bodies the nutrients needed to operate at full capacity if they are not eating the proper foods or eating at all for that matter. The Bible tells us that daily He loads us with benefits. We’re also told that no good thing will He withhold from us …we have access to all that we need but we must take the time to partake in His provision.

I can only imagine how a nursing mom must take care of herself because another person’s health and growth depends on the nourishment she provides. What if the nursing mother chose to starve herself? Her decision to not focus on her needs would affect the growth of another life.

Ladies, we have those who depend on us our spouses, children, families, co-workers, employees, and ministries. It’s different for each person because our assignments are different. One thing still remains the same we must be well so we can serve others well.

It’s not selfish to take care of your needs. There is nothing wrong with ensuring I’m taken care of so that I can then be a true blessing to those around me.I tell people all the time, it is so evident in my life when I’ve not spent time with God. He’s my filling station. In His presence I’m loved, restored, encouraged and recharged to do what I’m called to.

Taking care of you is not only spiritual but natural as well. A goal I personally must develop and make a priority. I’m not able to serve and be my best if I’m tired and fatigued.  I need to make sure I’m eating the right foods, drinking water, exercising and getting proper rest. Here’s a practical tip, find something special that makes you feel better and more alive. For some it may be dance lessons, a workout class, a spa day, or something as simple as a night off to just watch movies or catch up on a novel. Whatever fills you back up, do it and get rejuvenated!

Lastly, if you find yourself running on E pay close attention to the people you speak with daily. Are they encouraging you or draining you? If the amount of attention and focus you’re giving to someone else is cutting into your personal supply of joy, peace and patience it’s time to re-evaluate how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

What you give to others should not come from your personal reservoir but the overflow of what your life is filled with.

Let’s encourage one another to remain filled to overflowing so we’re able to be our best and fulfill all that God has for our lives!


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