New Year, New You by Kenika




ID 48660933 © Gpointstudio |            Before you jump to thinking you’ve already figured out exactly what I’m going to say, give me a chance to explain.  I saw a meme the other day that said, “My new year is actually starting February 1st.  January was just a warm up.”  I chuckled at it, but then I said to myself, “That sounds good to me!”  At the end of the year we make our resolutions, resolves and promises, but January is that month that’s like a make or break.  We get a good start and eventually stop around February or March, or it becomes apparent that we aren’t ever going to get started at all.

After all the declarations we’ve made, the end of January can make us feel like unproductive failures all over again.  That’s because a new year doesn’t automatically mean a “new you”, you’re still you, and nothing is going to change until you change.  If 2016 rolled in and we are all still doing the same things we were doing in 2015, that’s not the year’s fault or responsibility, it’s ours.  We have to change our habits and do all that we can do combat our usual proclivities.

This year can be different for you, but you have to work on changing you. Adjusting the way you go about doing things, learning and growing from past mistakes.  The very well known definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Don’t let this year be a repeat of all the years you promised to change in the past, let this season be the one where you make the adjustments to get desired results. Do something new so that you can reasonably expect results that are different. Let’s go!

Photo Credit:ID 48660933 © Gpointstudio |