The Secret Place by Trish


ID 45303876 © Zwawol | Dreamstime.comI recently went to see the movie “War Room” and was so inspired after doing so. For many of us, this movie itself doesn’t shed light on a newfound discovery but rather serves as a reminder of just how powerful prayer truly is. We all know there is power in prayer but for whatever we reason we allow ourselves to become distracted by things, people and circumstances. Yet if in the midst of our routine if we can find that time and place to be alone with God we will find our strength and gain wisdom for our situations.

Wives, do you remember when you first began dating your husband? You took great pride in preparing yourself for your date…made sure your clothes, make up and hair was perfect for your special one on one time. The date always seemed to end perfectly if there was a special place that only the two of you knew about and you carved time in your date to frequent this location to share a moment that turned to a fond memory.

Can you imagine how God feels when we take time to quiet our spirits, reject distractions and prepare ourselves for our alone time with Him? There’s so much joy, peace, love and security in His presence… that secret place that only the two of you share. It’s a sacred time that you can express your gratitude to God and talk with Him and hear his heartbeat. It has nothing to do with location but rather a commitment that says no matter what is going on in my life today, I will create a space and place to be alone with God! The beauty of the secret place is that it is mobile! Whether in my car, at my office, on a plane…wherever I am I can whisper His name and call on Him and instantly He is there ready for “our time”.

As a new believer or perhaps someone who has never developed a prayer life it can seem a little daunting and perhaps unrealistic to “talk to God” but the truth of the matter is, He’s real and He longs to have a relationship with you. A relationship requires communication and God so desires to hear your voice!

I’m not a religious person. Having been brought up in church I know how to “do church” but my relationship with God began when I stepped away from what I was “taught” and began living what I believed. I fell in love with the person of Jesus Christ and He became real to me when I got real with Him. That happened when I began talking to Him from my heart and not with fancy, religious rhetoric. That secret place of being in His presence allows me to bare my scars, share my deepest thoughts and dreams. That secret place with Him allows me to be honest and vulnerable because I’m in the safest place I could ever be.

Ladies, can I encourage her to cultivate your quiet time with God? Start off with giving Him just 5 minutes of your day. Begin to increase this as you become comfortable with your prayer life. As you nurture a relationship with God, learn to be still and listen for His reply. We live in a dispensation of time where we need to know God’s voice like never before! We must learn to strengthen ourselves daily, inquire of the Lord His plans for our life and allow Him to pour His love into us as we go about our day.


Photo Credit:ID 45303876 © Zwawol |