Walking Down the Aisle by Trish

ID 55484462 © Chris Humphreys | Dreamstime.com


This past month has been one of the most exhilarating yet emotional months of my life. As of July 26th I became engaged to a man who has truly fought for and won my heart.

The wedding plans have now been set in motion as we make our way towards the infamous aisle. However, the truth of the matter is my walk towards my husband -to -be started many years ago. Each step that has led me to him was taken by faith.

The walk started out hazy and unclear with no visibility of who my soul mate was.  Each decision to trust God was one-step closer… a step of faith.  I remember many times crying at night asking, “Where is he, God? Where is the person you have for me and why is it taking so long?” I would see others come into relationships that led to marriage and overhear comments such as “this is God’s reward, His gift to you.” I would hear those statements and wonder what I was doing wrong to not be rewarded with such a gift. Others with good intentions would say to me “it’s all about timing”. Very few people who offered me advice had lived a life unto God before marriage so while I was grateful for their love and genuine support, it was difficult for me to receive their “wisdom” when they had not walked my path.

 I can’t tell you the formula for finding your mate. I can’t tell you the timing that is most perfect. I can only say that every person’s journey is different and not all blueprints are the same but at the core your journey is a faithful God who will not disappoint!

 My blueprint contained plans that required me to wait 36 years. During those times of uncertainty, God was there and all the while I was getting closer to what He had for me.

 The faith journey did not end after I met Marc.  It was actually strengthened all the more as I learned how to let the guards of my heart down and let him in. If anything the courtship season was just as trying as the single season. Being single I had learned how to navigate life by faith on my own but now I had to learn how to trust someone else with my heart and this was yet another step of faith leading me to destiny.

 So, while others celebrate the walk down the aisle on one specific day , I stand in awe at the walk that began many years ago. I understand that the “aisle” will actually never end but will now include a partner to hold my hand as we journey on.

 Ladies, if you’re single and desire to be married….I want to agree with you that the desires of your heart be fulfilled! If you’re married, I stand with you that your marriage will remain strong and that your homes be filled with love, patience and understanding. No matter where we are in life, we have our own aisle to walk. Be grateful for the one whose hand you hold but more importantly, cling to the One who is holding you, Jesus Christ!