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This new season of life has been a challenge. My family and I decided it was time to change churches as we felt God leading us to find a church in the community we live in. This was hard for me to swallow, as I knew we would eventually make that transition but didn’t feel ready now. It was difficult for me to accept this new season of life and my husband’s leading. I would get so mad every time he brought up looking for a new church. We have been at our church for almost 10 years and very involved which was hard for me to even think about leaving my church family. But my husband did ask me if I had prayed about it and of course that would be the Christian thing to do but I hadn’t prayed about it! Right then I realized I needed to pray and believe in God’s leading in this area and new season of life that we are being called to. After I prayed, a peace just fell over me telling me that God is in control and He has it taken care of. Understanding God’s leading and peace in the midst of going into a new season of life is so vital and important. Prayer is a powerful component of that, and learning to hear God’s voice and wisdom leads you to your next season of life and how God can use you even more! Change is hard but going through makes you see more clearly who you are and who God is. This change leads you into that next new season for you. It may look and feel different and not come easy but that is okay because God is into His plans and not our plans for our life! Let Him take the steering wheel in this new season and watch where He will drive you. I know for me it is the unknown of where we will be, but God says, “Trust Me and let Me lead you!” Are you willing to trust Him in this new season?



PhotoCredit:ID 45353050 © Darius Strazdas |

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  1. Amen sister! So proud of you for taking that step of Faith and the leading of Dustin. I stand by in support (even tho it may be a few thousand miles away) at where the Lord is leading your family! All I know is it will be a place that He can mightly use you and your family as you have the gift to impact many. Love you sister!

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