Gossip Girls by Trish


Ladies, we get a bad wrap. Many think that just because we’re women, we are automatically prone to running our mouth. The truth is we’re not all gossip girls.We have been given such an incredible gift by the use of our words!

Years ago, I was sitting among a group of ladies who were dishonoring their husbands by their conversation and complaining of all the things they were doing wrong. As a young, single lady I became frustrated because I looked at marriage as a gift and the image these ladies were painting was horrid. In fact one lady told me, “Don’t get married, just be single and stay happy and free.” One of the elderly ladies sitting amongst the group kindly spoke up and stated, “You know my husband doesn’t always do things right, in fact he’s not even a believer, but I have a responsibility to love him all the days of my life.” She further went on to say that God had spoken to heart saying, “If he doesn’t surrender his life until his dying day, can you love and serve him in the state he’s in now?” Her response was, “Yes, I can and yes, I will.” Her story shut down the tone of gossip. Was she painting a picture perfect image of marriage? No, but in the same token she was reminding everyone in the room in such a gentle way that we have a responsibility to honor people in how we speak about them.

Taming the tongue is truly an ongoing battle! How can such a tiny thing be so difficult to restrain? It’s as though the brain and the tongue have this undeniable, unbreakable connection that allows thoughts to be instantaneously translated into words spoken.

Gossip includes conversations of mindless chatter or divulging information regarding the personal affairs of another. Oh, what a trap gossip is! What starts off as an innocent conversation can quickly turn into the “Up Close & Personal Life Of…” and before we know it, we can be enticed by rumors of another and find ourselves repeating what we’ve heard, seen or witnessed about the life of another. Gossip destroys friendships. It betrays loyalty at all cost.

Be careful of the ones who run their mouth easily. If they talk about others, there is no security that your business isn’t being broadcast as well. Be just as careful of the information you share about another and keep in mind that the words you speak are connected to the life of another, the heart of a person. I’ve caught myself recently in conversations that I knew were not beneficial and I’ve had to redirect my thoughts. The best way to avoid gossip is to excuse yourself from those caught up in it.

Everything that we do plants a seed and brings harvest. You plant seeds of gossip and you can expect to be talked about. Now, I know that people are going to talk about me no matter what and that does not move me. But why would I INVITE more drama by perpetuating such foolishness? Life is valuable and so are people. Let’s build one another up, speak truth in love and honor people by how we speak about them when their backs are turned.

Ladies, we’re going to have moments when we need to “vent” and “keep it real,” but please use common sense and consideration when doing so. My sister, Maria, is so fabulous at being my sounding board. There are times when I go to her and I say, “Safe place, right?” and in that moment I’m letting her know I’m about to go off on whatever is bothering me and for however long I need, I can vent and she just listens without judgment. Ladies, we so need those “safe places” to vent (Can I just add that social media is NOT the best option to sound off?). After doing so, we have to quickly remind ourselves what our mission is and get back on course. Not every day is perfect but there is a provision of grace for every imperfection!

Speaking words of FAITH encourages us, build us and creates an atmosphere for the miraculous to take place. Choose to speak words of life! Positive affirmations and faith-filled words are powerful and lead to a life of victory.

If you’re a wife, you have the ability to EMPOWER your husband with strength to conquer any challenge presented to him by the words you speak over him before he faces his day. If you’re a mom you can INFUSE your children with inspiration that stands against whatever insults may be waiting for them in their day. As a friend you can INSPIRE someone to not give up hope by speaking words of life.

Let’s choose to empower, infuse and inspire with our words!  Let’s encourage one another and bust the myth of being a gossip girl!


Photo Credit:ID 51256887 © Voyagerix | Dreamstime.com