A Mother’s Love by Kenika


 God is our Father, and we know that no one can love us more than He does. However in day-to-day life, most kids would classify their mother as the one who loves them the most. We think of mothers standing by their children no matter what. It’s the mothers that visit trials, make phone calls and send letters to the child on death row. It’s the mother that shows up when the kids have done something unspeakable. It is the mothers that give birth and never walk away, at least that is the general perception, of course not always being the absolute.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday not too long ago and spent weeks talking about the life and death of Jesus. There is much to marvel about all that is involved with that, but as we approach Mother’s Day I can’t help but think about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Knowing that she gave birth to a child, immaculately mind you, and understanding that even though she nurtured Him, raised Him, and cared for Him, that she would also one day have to give Him up. I sympathize and advocate for adoption in cases where a mother doesn’t feel fit to raise a child, but I personally don’t understand it. It baffles my mind to have to muster up the amount of courage it would take to give your child up. The emotional turmoil would be too unbearable for me I think. Again, I am very proud of young ladies and women that make this decision for the good of the child, especially considering the alternative.

Back to Mary, she knew from the beginning that He was a gift from God that belonged to and would have to return to God. She was giving birth to a promise child, who came to save the people from their sins by offering His own life. I could go off on what Jesus did! However I am fascinated with the strength Mary had to demonstrate. Not only did she have to give her son up, she had to watch Him die. Why? Because it’s an instinct that (some) mothers have. She was there for His first breaths and stood by His whipped, beat, bloodied side as He gave up His last. She cheered Him on when He took His first steps and she looked on in agony as He approached Calvary for His last. There is something so impressive about a mother’s love.

It’s your tender love and care that can raise boys and girls to one day become influential men and women. It’s the support you provide that can produce world changers. It’s your attention to detail and your determination to “never let go” that give your kids the example to always believe. Nothing compares to the love of the Heavenly Father, but I would venture to say that the love of a good mother comes very close. To every mother who won’t ever give up, could never let go, and believes hope against hope in the greatness of her children, Happy Mother’s Day! Your love makes the world a much better place.


Photo Credit:ID 45672926 © Martin Novak | Dreamstime.com