This Thing Called Life by Trish



There’s something about the seasons changing, specifically the transition of winter to spring and then spring to summer, that offers the hope of a new and bright beginning. Perhaps it’s the extra amount of sunshine in our day or the appearance of freshly bloomed flowers that have broken through the once frozen soil.

I’m very attentive to my surroundings and such things tend to lighten my day and increase anticipation of good things to be discovered within the new season.

Ironically enough, the joy that a new season brings can wear off quickly. What once held us awe-struck and filled with hope can be passed by with no second glance or thought as this has now become familiar.

Such is life… a new car, home, relationship, career, etc. The newness of each of these things can fill us with such a sense of happiness and gratitude as we celebrate the dawn of something new. But what happens when the newness of a thing wears off? Are our hearts filled with gratitude? Do we appreciate life for what it truly is with or without the “things”?

There appears to be a race in life, a race that drives us to the next biggest, newest and greatest thing. For each of us that “thing” is different. While I’m a firm believer in setting goals and dreaming big, I am also learning the value of taking time to smell the roses, well… for me, that would be gardenias. There is so much joy to be discovered in such little pleasures that we pass by each day.

As you embark on new endeavors and begin achieving those life goals, be ever mindful of the importance of remaining grateful and appreciating the fullness of all you are blessed with.

You may be a stay at home mom and at one time this was your greatest dream. Now, after the newness has worn off, some days feel as though your life is less than glamorous. You’ve traded your days of stilettos and red lipstick for flip-flops and topknot buns. Understand you’ve been given a gift in being the one who guides your children and setting the standard for how they will learn and develop in life. Don’t allow TV, social media or any other outside influence make you feel as though you have a less than perfect life just because your daily routine does not include a red carpet fashion fair.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the warmth of the sun until we have days when all we see are clouds. So learn to live in the moment, take in what appears to be mundane and seek out the value of what each experience has to offer. Some of the greatest treasures  are found in the little things in this thing called life.


Photo Credit:ID 21102222 © Irinaroibu | Dreamstime.comMay