With Your Permission by Kenika


I have this image in my head of a loving Father reaching out to us. With His outstretched hand He is bidding us to come. He is showering us with grace and love all with the intentions to draw us closer to Him. It’s so easy to make our relationship with God a ritual or a routine. But when we stop and think about how much He loves us, and how much He wants us, it’s a notion that is truly all consuming. There He stands, knocking and waiting. He’s such a patient and wonderful lover, father and friend. “He’s leaning in my direction” one songwriter said, and His only agenda is to bring us hope and a future. All He wants for us is the best and the end or conclusion that we come to is an expected one.

With all of that to consider, I wonder why everyone doesn’t embrace this monumental love? Though this kind of love is free and available, it will not be forced upon us. If we choose to completely ignore Him, He is such a gentleman that He will not overtake or overpower us in response. This measure of love requires a response. Reciprocity is the name of the game. He can love and love and love and love, but if we are not willing to receive that love, it makes what is available to us null and void.

We, the Church, are referred to as the “Bride of Christ”, so naturally I think of marriage to further illustrate what I’m talking about. Traditionally a groom-to-be will petition his potential father in law for the father’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Without the father’s blessing, there will be no wedding, or marriage, but with his blessing, all plans can proceed. The couple could be crazy in love, love is present and ready, but without permission to move forward, it has no standing. God’s love is present and ready but without our permission to move forward, it has no standing in our lives.

I want you to get the image in your head of a loving Father, calling you closer to Him. Calling you to higher heights and deeper depths in Him. Summoning you to where He is and the plans He has for your life, versus the ones you’ve made for yourself. There He is with every problem solved, every crooked place straightened, and every painful place healed. He’s waiting and watching to see if you will let Him come to you as He has made Himself open for you to come to Him. He patiently stands at the doors of your heart and mind, desiring to be near you and express His grand love for you. Imagine the solutions you’ve been seeking, the direction you’ve been desiring, the plans you’ve been inquiring of, and now know you are the one with the power to say, “With my permission, Lord come.”


Photo Credit:ID 31212593 © Racorn | Dreamstime.com