First Aid For The Broken by Trish









Grief is a topic not too often discussed freely because I mean, who really understands it and how to deal with it? If you’re a believer, it is many times assumed that grief should never be a part of our lives. Truth be told, we all encounter hurt, heartache and disappointment which many times leaves our hearts hurting and our spirits wounded.

As I sat down to type this article sitting on my back patio with the windows open, I heard a scream from a child down the street. As I looked up I saw a father run to the rescue of his little girl who had fallen off of her bicycle. With one arm he held her and with the other he carried her bike all the while consoling her.

I thought about how God is toward us. In life we experience things that disturb our balance and cause us to crash. We fall. We hurt. We cry. In that split second of our cry being uttered, our Father is there to pick us up, comfort us and bring healing.

Last month marked 20 years since the death of my dad. Ironically enough, my Father and my Grandmother died on the same day at the same time on an early March morning. It was an insane season of overwhelming emotions. Losing my Grandmother, who I cherished dearly, and then losing my Father who I had unresolved issues with. I literally had 24 hours from the time of my Grandmother’s funeral to travel to Oklahoma to bury my Father.

Arriving back home after laying my dad to rest, I was left with shock, anger, disappointment and a heart that hurt beyond anything I could describe with words.

Outwardly I would muster up a smile and replied graciously to those who offered words of comfort, but I was broken and numb on the inside. There were many times I thought I would completely lose it and scream my head off if one more person reminded me that, “God had a plan for all of this” or if someone told me, “They’re in a better place.” Yes God has a plan and no it didn’t make sense to me. Yes they’re in a better place, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re not with me.

As I allowed myself to walk out the process of pain I had to learn to own every emotion I felt. Pretending it wasn’t there didn’t make it “magically” disappear. My faith became stronger than ever before, as I would admit how I felt and ask God for the courage to overcome. It was a process and there was no specific timeframe of when to be “over it.” I often tell people, you never “get over” losing someone but you do get through it.

Grief encompasses all types of loss not just physical death – loss of a relationship, career, finances, stability, friendships, etc. If you are currently in your process of healing from grief caused by any of these things, GO THROUGH THE PROCESS and don’t be ashamed of your scars. Your scars are your beauty marks, they tell a story of what hurt you but didn’t destroy you.

Cry out to your Heavenly Father, He longs to run to your rescue, scoop you up in His arms and carry you into the arms of grace.

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