The Invisible Veil by Trish



I realize we’ve just celebrated the Christmas season which I love but my favorite holiday to celebrate is Easter. I love the thought of a new season with fresh flowers in bloom, bright colors and spring air. As a believer, I treasure the significance of what the Resurrection season represents, which is life in Christ! I now live because HE lives! Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave so that I could have eternal life with Him!

In reading the passages found in the Bible of the crucifixion, you’ll find a portion mentioned of how the veil was torn when Jesus yielded His spirit. This is imperative for Christians to know and understand. The veil or curtain within the temple, which separated God’s people from His presence, was no longer in the way and the veil did not drop or was drawn back, but it was torn from the top to the bottom. This tells us that nothing now separates us from a personal encounter with the true and living God!

I get excited when I think about the magnitude of my King and His majesty. He’s all-powerful and there is no one or nothing higher than Him. Yet, in all of His splendor and sovereignty, I’m not looked upon as just a servant but a daughter of His. He longs for me to come and have conversation with Him. He rejoices over me with singing. His thoughts are always on me. He’s so acquainted with every detail of my life that He’s numbered the hairs on my head. He watches over me as I sleep and guides the path throughout my day. Oh, how I love Him so!

My Heavenly Father, Master of the Universe, loves Trish Davis and calls me His own! He says that I can come boldly into His throne room. The beautiful thing is that I’m not an only child, there’s a place for you as well! All who accept Him have this same privilege! There is no waiting list or VIP line. We have direct access to the Father at any given moment. All of this is accessible to us because of what Christ has done through His death and resurrection.

So what is it that sometimes hinders us from direct and daily fellowship with God? While there is no longer a physical veil separating us, could it be that we’ve designed our own veils not made from fabric, but personal issues that have created separation?

As we go into this New Year, let’s be mindful of any invisible veils we’ve established knowingly and unknowingly in our hearts that could be separating us from the true relationship and unguarded communion with God.

  • The invisible veil of PRIDE

Oftentimes we become lifted in pride thinking, “I’ve got this” and we can manage just fine on our own. Pride stands in the way of close relationship with God because it doesn’t acknowledge our dependency on Him. The truth is I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Phil 4:13)

  • The invisible veil of DISAPPOINTMENT

A seed of disappointment left unattended in the heart blooms into resentment. There have been times in my life when I found it difficult to talk to God. When I searched my heart, I found disappointment. One time specifically, I had prayed to God about a matter and my prayer wasn’t answered the way I desired and it hurt. I felt as though I had been let down and yes, I was disappointed with God. You might say that is an arrogant thing to say but I firmly believe that when you have a real relationship with God, you can be honest about your feelings. I always say, “tell God what’s in your heart and how you feel, He already knows anyhow.” Stop being fake with what you’re facing and being religious, God can handle our emotions!

What I found is that when I cried out to God (literally), He ran to my rescue! He knew things in my future that I did not and although I did not know the big picture, I had to trust that, “Father knows best.” There will be things in life that will have no explanation, there will be prayers that may not be answered the way we expect, but this does not make God any less powerful, our prayers any less significant or faith any less important!

My mentor used to tell me a common quote, “Trish, even when you can’t trace God’s hand, you can always trust His heart.”

Maybe some of you are dealing with the question “God, why did you let this happen?” or “If you really love me, you wouldn’t allow me to go through this.” Talk to God about it, lay it at His feet and let His love wash over you. Don’t allow disappointment to create a veil of separation.

  • The invisible veil of a BUSY LIFE

We fill our calendars with our to-do lists and time with God ranks at the bottom. I can always tell when I’ve not had my adequate, quality time with God. I’m irritable, stressed out, impatient and so on. I’m not that sweet and I’m not “good.” Anything good in my life is because of Jesus. If I don’t spend time with Him, and allow His presence to fill up my life, I’m left to my own ways of thinking. In His presence there is fullness of joy not calendars, time clocks, and digital reminders. Tear down that busy lifestyle and focus on living according to your purpose and not just “doing.”

It is my desire to know God better in this year of 2015, and to not let the distractions of life create a veil that hinders me from the ultimate love of my life. I encourage you to do the same!

Happy New Year ladies, let’s do this!


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