Riding On Wings of Faith by Trish

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Have you ever felt as though God has required something of you so big that the only response you could figuratively do was to close your eyes and just JUMP?!

I’ve been there where you look at what God has entrusted you to accomplish and then you rehearse your resume and quickly identify that the so-called “qualifications” you have pale in comparison to the assignment at hand.

So then do you bend under the pressure, or do you stand firm with your head held high and get to work? We know that without faith it is impossible to please God so we must learn to exercise our faith daily. As we mature in our relationship with Christ, so must our faith. We are each given a measure of faith, but we then have a responsibility to grow that faith to be able to do the great things He’s called us to do.

What are some things that hinder us from taking that leap of faith?

  • Fear of Failure

Oftentimes we ask ourselves, “What will people think if they see me fail?” We have to condition ourselves mentally with an attitude that says, “If God is for me, who can stand against me?” If God is asking me to do something, this is on Him. My job is to just obey. When you allow fear to enter your heart it paralyzes you, causing you to not move. So what if what you set out to do previously didn’t work the last time, now you have better understanding of what not to do this time around. Let your faith be bigger than your fear!

  • Complacency

We tend to get settled into our routine or our place of comfort and when God knocks on our door for a work to be done, we being to count the cost. When the realization of the time and effort needed interrupts our comfort zone, sometimes it’s easier to ignore the call. However, God did not call us to live complacent lives. We should always be at work because souls need saving and hearts need healing. We live in a world that needs hope, hope that can only be found in Christ. If our lives are too busy or too comfortable to answer the call on our lives, we need to reevaluate our priorities, roll up our sleeves and work where we are called.

  • Feelings of Inadequacy

There have been countless times when I’ve surveyed rooms I’ve had the privilege of standing in, among people some would give their life for to meet, and have thought to myself, “How did I get here and why? I’m just a girl who was raised in a single-parent, low-income home from the cornfields of Iowa, what on earth am I doing here and what is it God that you see in me?” I love how God uses what is foolish to confound the wise. He takes what is seemingly of no prestige and molds and makes a beautiful display of His GRACE in our lives. Ironically enough there is no one, no not one, worthy on his or her own accord, regardless of economical or social status. At the end of the day we are people with our own set of DNA, flaws, failures and regrets but that’s what makes the blood of Jesus so incredible. It covers all imperfections and makes us righteous (not self-righteous) in Christ. I love when people ask, “How did you do that?” I boldly say, “All of the credit goes to God.” A heart submitted to the authority of Jesus makes us qualified. There is no need to rehearse your mistakes to God. When you ask for forgiveness He separates you from that sin and you are a new creation in Him. You have a right as a daughter of God to boldly pursue every dream, desire and passion He’s placed in your heart!

As we are in this New Year, let go of your inhibitions and ride on the wings of FAITH as you soar to new heights in your journey with God!


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