Let’s Talk About Love by Sonya


“Above all love each other deeply.” 1 Peter 4:8

LOVE is an important four-letter word in marriage. Love is not just a word you say to your spouse to show them you love them. Saying, “I love you,” is important but it is much more than that. It is the action behind LOVE and showing your spouse that you truly love them by the way you treat them.

Being married for almost thirteen years has not by any means made me an expert in this area, but I am still learning how to love my husband and figure out what makes his love tank full. LOVE is that four-letter word that can be easily thrown around, but as I am learning it is the little things you do that go straight to the heart and make your spouse feel loved all over. Words are important but don’t need to be said all the time, they can also be written out. For instance, something as simple as sending your spouse a text to show them you were thinking about them in that moment can brighten their day. I know for me when my husband appreciates my cooking and the cleaning I have done that day, and has our kids express appreciation as well, shows me love in huge ways. Sweet notes are so thoughtful and homemade cards, which I know that can be a thing of the past with all the technology we have today, could mean the world to your spouse. I have kept my notes and cards from my husband and read them every once in awhile and when I do, I feel so loved and appreciated from the words he wrote.

Also small gifts are a way to show love to your spouse and can be very inexpensive. The gifts can be as simple as a favorite drink or snack. My husband loves brie cheese and these special crackers that go with it, so I brought those home for him to have one night and he loved it! The fact that I thought of him and took the time to get those for him. You can make fun by hiding their favorite candy and have your spouse be surprised when they find it.

There can be giving the gift of your time and spending it with your spouse by watching their favorite show or movie or going on a walk. Spending time doesn’t have to mean you have to take them out on an expensive date, but just taking the time to be with them makes that spouse feel so important and valued. Dating your mate is an ongoing process, and spending that time is key to a healthy marriage. God wants us to put our spouse first before our family, friends, work, and hobbies. Don’t complicate things and mix it around because you’ll end up with a spouse that is feeling unloved.


A big way for some women, especially for me, is when my husband is doing things around the house like cleaning or vacuuming without being asked. I truly feel loved by that and the fact that I didn’t have to ask him. Those “acts of slavery,” as my husband calls it, are yelling out, “I Love You!” and it means the world to me and to many women who have small children and don’t have all the time in the world to do everything in their home.

Those small acts of love speak volumes to our spouses and to our marriages. Loving our spouse is an expression of God’s love. Once we understand God’s love for us, we can then love others the way He does. 1 John 4:12 states it well, “If we love each other, God lives in us, and His love has been brought to full expression through us.” Take the time to love your spouse the way God loves your spouse and then you can start saying, “Let’s Talk about Love.”


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