Do You Love You by Kenika




February is here and we all know this to be the month where we acknowledge and celebrate love. Let the heart shaped candies, red roses and dinner reservations commence! Not only is February special for being the month of amour, but also it’s doubly special because it’s my birthday month. During the shortest, but most awesome, month of the year I have typically been either really excited or really sad. Sad because birthdays are a reminder that I am another year older and feel far from where I thought I would be. Depressing because everyone is celebrating their relationship/marriage/situation and I want to punch them in the throat…with the love of Christ of course. Adversely, I have found myself excited as well because I love birthdays, so of course I always enjoy celebrating my own. Another year, another opportunity to thank God for all that He has done.

It was hard for me for a very long time to accept me for me. I struggled, unbeknownst to most who know and love me, to force myself into the box that everyone else created for me. I was always trying to find my way in other people’s eyes. I vacillated back and forth between being confident and certain of who I am, and feeling rejected for who I am. I thank God for a new day. This year I approach February with vigor! Next year I will hit a pivotal milestone and I couldn’t be more excited. I finally accept me for me. I finally love me for who and what God created me to be. While it’s all great and fun to go out and get boxes of candy and sweet little cards for others to express our love, we need to remember to express the same love to ourselves. It’s very difficult to love others, when you don’t really love yourself.

Accept and love yourself first, and that confident expression will be passed on to others that you care for. Think about the mom who works like a crazy person to ensure that her kids have everything they need. Sure that’s a wonderful model for the kids to see how much mom loves them, but if mom doesn’t take care of herself, it doesn’t demonstrate to her children that they should either. Being a wife, daughter or friend that always goes out of their way for others is wonderful, but if it ultimately leaves you burnt out, again because you don’t value you, in the end you are doing yourself and others a disservice. It’s a pretty simple question with perhaps a loaded answer, “Do you love you?” Don’t forget to value the wonderful woman God created in you. I’m not saying to become puffed up or conceited but rather, a healthy dose of self-esteem, love, and acceptance of all things that encompass wonderful you. Happy Love Month!


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