Difference Maker by Sonya


2015 is the year to be a “Difference Maker.” Think about it, if life is like a vapor would this world notice if you were gone? Does the impact we have on life matter? Is your life a reflection of Christ? Are we world changers or are we sitting back and letting others make the difference? These are questions that God has asked me and made me think about.

Being a difference maker was God’s business. He didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to perform that miracle or save that person or help that person in need. He just went out and did it and sent His son to make the sacrifice for you and me. Are we sacrificing anything in our life to make a change and be the light for the world to see? Our life on earth is so very short and if we don’t step up, and be that light that God has called us to be, then He will use someone else. I desire to be first in line that God wants to use because I want all of HIM. I don’t want to wait to see if someone else can do the job or assignment God has given me. If He chose me to do it, I don’t want to let Him down. God has given me assignments to make awareness about Human Trafficking and serving our community and I have acted on it and seen the fruit multiply from being obedient and the difference HE has made in our community. Also I have seen the difference in my private life as well like being honest, not sugarcoating the truth, controlling my tongue and thinking before I speak. He has given each of us assignments and how we choose to act on them is up to us.

As we are sensitive to what God is urging and calling us to do, we can see where He wants to make the difference in our lives and in other people’s lives through us. It is exciting! Let 2015 be the year where YOU are the difference maker and let God’s light shine through you, causing a radical change and impact, so the world will see and know that there is a God. A God that loves them and cares about where they are going in this New Year! BE THE CHANGE!

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