Is Your Lamp On? by Sonya


“No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, it is put on a lamp stand to give light to all who enter the room. Your eye is a lamp for your body. A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul.” Luke 11: 33-34

The lamp we light and turn on is our reflection of Christ. So the question is, “Is your lamp burning bright for Him today?” This is a question I have to ask myself every day especially as a parent of four children. I sometimes wonder am I being the mother God has called me to be and the light for my children? I feel all alone at times when my light is the only one I see in the darkness of this world.

As my older two are in 2nd and 4th grade, I am reminded how dark and twisted some of the kid’s thinking is and how I have to be on guard and praying for my children more than ever before. There have been a few instances in the last months about sleepovers, mean kids, and inappropriate computer programs. These situations I have had to deal with and make decisions that were not popular like speaking up to the teacher about the program, talking to the mean kids, and not having my girls sleep over. I have found that I sometimes hesitate to turn my lamp on, but God nudges me to shine bright because if our lamp isn’t on, then how are they to know the truth? We may be the only light on for them that week and if we don’t turn our lamp on, how will they know?

Turning your light on may save someone’s life and make that difference. As parents we need to be that light for our children before their friends influence them and they become the wrong kind of light that blends into the darkness. Just recently God called me to turn my lamp on and fight for an after school program called “Good News Club.” I had to talk to the principal to ask her approval for the program. It took God’s flood light of love and truth for her to see how important this program was and if I didn’t turn my lamp on at that moment then 50 kids wouldn’t have heard the good news of the Gospel.

God is calling us to turn our lamp on and not be ashamed. Don’t be tempted to turn it on halfway because that allows the evil one to shut out your light. Instead turn it on all the way so your whole life will be filled with His life. Luke 11: 36 says, “If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight is shining on you.” Wow! God’s floodlight shining through you is powerful and can open the eyes of others in the darkness. Therefore turn your lamp on today, don’t hold back, and watch what God can do!


Photo Credit:© Missdolphin | – Light And Telephone At Night Photo