Dealing With Frustration by Trish



Have you ever been at a point in your life where although the sky is blue, the sun is shining and all seems well with the world, there is an overwhelming feeling of frustration?

Frustration with work, relationships, personal goals etc. can all too easily consume one’s thoughts and if not dealt with, modify behavior.

We are called to live a peaceable life. This by no way implies a PERFECT life however there should be proper boundaries in place that protect our peace. I know for me, any time I’m dealing with frustration I have to take a closer look at what is going on in my world and take notice of  what I allowed to come in and break down my safe guards.

Truth be told, there are circumstances in life that will occur that will be out of our control, however we have the CHOICE to determine how we will walk out our various seasons of life.

As women, I think it is imperative for us to be mindful of some key factors that can plant the seed of frustration within our hearts:

1)  Unmet or unrealistic expectations

We can experience frustration when the bigger picture of how we think  life should be  turns out to be different than our plans. For example, my life has been blessed with the gift of a wonderful relationship. As amazing as my boyfriend is, and as grateful as I am for all of the stability, security and support he brings to my life, it is unrealistic for me to think he can satisfy my every need. That is unfair for me to place such a demand on one human being. I could very easily experience frustration if I expect him to be the entire source of my happiness. I believe God blesses our lives with various types of relationships to add to our lives, but He ultimately is the only one who can satisfy the longings of our heart. 
The same principle applies to perhaps a long awaited career move. When a desire is fulfilled, there is celebration of such an achievement but the reality is even a “dream job” will have its own set of pros and cons to be accurately weighed. We should not approach life with our eyes closed, but be fully aware that our complete fulfillment is in Jesus Christ and not in people or material possessions.

2)  Lack of balance

Where there is no balance there is prime opportunity for frustration. Lack of a balanced life opens the door for chaos and unnecessary interruptions. Let’s be mindful of what is MOST important and prioritize accordingly. Can I also encourage you to let go of what you cannot get to? Not everything is your urgency. Take care of you so you can take care of what is needed for God, your family and friends.

3) Unhealthy Relationships

Those who do not add to your life subtract from it or worse yet, divide. Be mindful of whom you let into your world, it matters! There was once a time in my life where I asked God for friendships that would encourage my walk with Him and for hearts that would share common values. I can’t say that it happened overnight but as I cultivated my relationship with God, He began to bring incredible young ladies into my life that remain my dearest of friends to this day. It is better to walk alone than to invite frustration, grief and regret by choosing to walk with the wrong ones.

As you navigate through life, you will experience opportunities for frustration but don’t foster that lifestyle; trust God and lean entirely on Him. Don’t push ahead of His plan or lag behind. Father knows best and He promises to keep those in perfect PEACE whose mind is stayed on Him.


Photo Credit:© Lavigna | – Frustration Photo