The Only Stranger Here Is You by Kenika




I am fully aware of how seasons continually change. Whatever location or atmosphere we have previously been in can eventually be traded or upgraded. It really doesn’t matter what it is. With this understanding you would think that I would be much better at accepting and dealing with people changing as well. I know that I have changed tremendously over the years! I often wonder what the current version of me would say to a younger version of me if given the chance. I know I would be full of advice, but most of all I would let her know that she will come to a place of change, that she won’t always be the same.

I’m sure the adjustments I’ve made, and you’ve made, over the years have to do with age, maturity, and experiences.   However, sometimes I forget that this is the reality of life. What I mean by that is every few years or so as I learn, evolve and change, I seem to always forget that some people might not have done the same. Then all of sudden I am walking around like, “What the heck is wrong with everybody?” What’s his deal? What’s her problem? These are questions I find myself asking and then becoming suspicious that certain people are starting to show their true colors or have changed for the worse. The truth of the matter is they haven’t changed I have.

I have to be reminded that some people have always been that way, but I never noticed because I was a different person back then too. There are behaviors that I readily tolerated before, but now that I am a little bit older (not much) I don’t have the patience for it anymore. I always say, “everyone has a limit,” which means everyone has a breaking point, a place of no return or a moment where they reach the end of the road. For some reason the same things we’ve dealt with for weeks, months, or even years all of sudden need to go and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Again, this is all a part of life. The best thing to do is to prepare and know that this will happen ever so often. For me it’s like every two to three years. Remember it, embrace it, and have patience with those you love and care for realizing that they are going through the exact same process dealing with you.


Photo Credit:© Prudkov | – Elegant Lady Standing Beside Old Tree Photo