Proper Alignment by Trish



Earlier this year I injured my back causing excruciating pain and discomfort beyond belief. My body would find creative ways of movement to avoid the pain of what felt like something not properly aligned.


How many times in life do we succumb to pain and discomfort because schedules, priorities and our purpose is not properly aligned? We can only go for so long without proper boundaries in place before our life and perhaps the lives of those around us suffer due to lack of order and alignment.


As women especially, we oftentimes feel like the hero of the day in saying yes to all who call needing our attention. Our calendars are filled very easily with to-do lists and appointments that have the potential to control our lives if we don’t set proper boundaries.


While it’s true that we need to be productive and hard working, we also need to learn the value of a tiny, but powerful word we refer to as “no.” My telling you “no” now means I recognize that when I am in a position to provide a “yes” to your request, you’ll get the best possible productivity level from me because I’ve counted the cost before giving you a response. Only that which I’m able to fully commit to and complete in excellence will be allowed room on my calendar.


God has given us a precious gift called LIFE. His Word tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. This indicates that there is a powerful lesson to be learned in how to properly care for your own life. If I don’t care for myself correctly, I’m not in a position to love you fully. We only have one life here on earth and one body. God desires that we maintain a life of balance so that we can fulfill our purpose according to His plan and not the agenda of those around us.


How can make sure we are properly aligned?


  • Maintain daily fellowship with Jesus

He truly is my “power source.” Just like my cell phone is of no use once the battery is depleted, so is my life when I’m empty of His daily mercies! I need to stay connected to Him to remain charged and full of life! There is no greater appointment on my day than the honor of sitting in His presence allowing His love to fill my life. Anything I do on empty or of my own strength has the potential to be of more harm than help. I need his grace, wisdom and love to guide my life so I can be affective for His kingdom. How can one make a withdrawal if deposits are not made? The more time I spend with Jesus, deposits are made in my heart providing me a surplus of resources (strength, wisdom, patience, etc.) whatever is needed for the purpose He’s called me to achieve.



  • Take care of you

Nothing speaks love to your soul like taking good care of yourself. Thinking of you is not selfish, it’s wise. How can I be my best for others if I’m not in good condition myself? Somehow we’ve gotten things twisted that a selfless person is someone who puts everyone’s needs above their own at all times. If I care for myself correctly then I serve and love others rightly. Eat good foods, work out your body and get proper rest. Take time to care for the gift God has given you- your life!


  • Focus on what is important; not just what’s urgent

Learn to develop a habit of routine. Where there is no structure there is opportunity for an unbalanced life. Structure provides boundaries that maintain order. Not every request requires your “yes.” When you lose sight of what’s important, like your relationship with Jesus, your family, your health, you create opportunities for “urgency” regarding these matters when they have been repeatedly neglected. If you must, write your list of priorities of what is most important and be courageous enough to let go of what is not needed.


Life was given to us to enjoy. There is no shame in ENJOYING life. I believe it is God’s plan for us to serve Him and others with JOY. If the level of my serving is stealing my joy and depleting my strength, I have to reevaluate my commitments.


I encourage you to look at your calendar right now. Does God have priority in your day? Does your family have QUALITY time with you, and have you blocked out a timeframe just for you? Let your priorities readjust your life and keep you properly aligned.




Photo Credit:© Pressmaster | – Peaceful Moments Photo