His Presence by Sonya



There was an exercise one morning that my devotional had me do which was to pretend Jesus was sitting right in front of me and sing a song to Him. At first it felt a little awkward since He wasn’t physically there, but then I closed my eyes and truly pictured Him right there in my room. As I sang to Him the song, “I Can Only Imagine,” floods of tears came from my eyes and I realized how important it is to picture Jesus at my side every day. How would I react and what would I do if He physically were with me every moment of my day? As I finished that exercise it gave me a sense of awe that His presence is power and how I need to walk in that presence.

Have you thought of Jesus being with you or have you invited Him to be with you throughout the day? There is power in having His presence there and knowing He guides your steps and is walking with you and guiding your day! I picture how we as parents lead, train, and guide our children and walk beside them day by day. That is what Christ desires; He wants our whole day, morning, afternoon, and evening. The song, “I Can Only Imagine,” can be lived out when we feel His presence with us. Once I pictured Christ with me I wanted to fall down on my knees and just be in His presence and not leave. His presence is the place we should desire and let Him interrupt our day and not what our flesh desires. Thinking of His presence filling my day gives me purpose and hope! In this next season of life as we jump into fall, let His presence fill your days and allow Him to come into your life and be more real than you have ever experienced before!

Photo Credit: © Pojoslaw | Dreamstime.com – Beautiful Woman With Bible Photo