Letting Love In by Trish


Photo Credit: Dreamstime

As women, we are known for multi-tasking and “taking on the world”. Let’s face it, the greatest wardrobe item we own is the “Super Woman” cape neatly tucked in our closet out of plain sight so not to reveal our full identity and blow our cover.

But if we’re honest, even Super Woman could use a little help and whole lot of love. We’re so used to being the givers and the nurturers that when someone comes along wanting to genuinely love or serve us, many times we respond with speculation wondering what the motives are.

I truly believe that love is the greatest gift one can receive yet it’s probably one of the most rejected gifts time and time again. Why is that? Why is it that something so incredible meant to be a blessing in our life has to be so difficult to discover, embrace and maintain?

Past Wounds

If you’ve ever been around a pet that was once abused you know that it takes very little action to cause an intense reaction. Meaning, a simple attempt to pet the animal can cause them to attack at any given second. The reason being is they don’t trust that a person’s attempt to connect with them is of good intent. It can be very similar with people who have been wounded- a simple hello can cause them to question what motives are behind the seemingly kind gesture. So many hearts have been broken by those who were once trusted but betrayed that trust and broke what should have been guarded like gold.

I believe that a wounded heart can never fully love until healing has taken place. You owe it to yourself to LIVE LIFE and live it with love! I know there are many reading this who have experienced pain beyond what words could articulate.  However, if you have breath in your body  that means you have a life to live. Somehow you must find the courage to forgive even if an apology is never provided! There is someone who will love you for you and honor the gift that you are. However, if you’re bound to the pain of the past you won’t be able to recognize the gifts in the present.


Many times we don’t let love in because of fear. Fear is so paralyzing. It prevents forward motion and productivity. Oftentimes there is fear of being hurt as previously mentioned, but there is also a fear of someone seeing us for who we really are. What if they see me without my makeup and think I’m ugly….what if they see those hidden qualities in my heart and it’s too much for them to deal with? What if…what if….what if? I don’t know what your “what if” is but I think we’ve all had a variety of them circulating in our mind at one time or another. Here’s the beauty about true love…. It sees beyond the imperfections and admires the true essence of who you really are. Sure, it places you in a position of vulnerability but that’s when love shines at its brightest!

So ladies, as awesome as you are in being sufficient, independent and strong… know that you are worth loving someone and being loved in return. And should either of the things mentioned be an obstacle in your life, please deal with it and LET LOVE IN.