A Mother’s Role by Sonya

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-mother-daughter-reading-image22141635 Photo Credit: Dreamstime


There is no better position or role than being a mother. Having four children has been one of my greatest joys. As I look at each child I am amazed by how fast they grow and mature right before our eyes. We really only have such a small window of time to mold and shape our children. Our impression is so important and what we teach our children will forever be with them. I am realizing this as my two older girls will be turning seven and nine in a few weeks. I can’t believe that as they get older their friend’s opinions take on an influence in their life and they start to question who they are as a person. As a mother we have the power of influence in their life and we should be their ultimate role model. Developing their character and modeling Christ to them is so key in what a child needs. As a mother there are three things we can do for our children:

  • Being a role model and lead by example in our words, actions, and thoughts. This shows our kids what it means to be a follower of Christ and a Godly example. As our children look up to us, they are watching for what is true and right and we are the closest image of who Christ is. That can be a lot of pressure, but God wants us as parents to look to Him to be our guide and model. As we draw closer to our Father, we will display the image of Christ to our children, and they will see Him in us.
  • Always be available to your children and show them that you are invested in their life. This can be shown in many ways by being available in their activities and hobbies or at home. Another way to be available is through communication. To have continuous communication with your child so they know that you are always going to be there to talk about anything with them. Listening is a key in the communication process and don’t do all the talking because they really just want us to understand them and let their voice be heard. So taking the time to listen and not to act shocked on what they are going to tell you and jump to conclusions, because that can steer them away from talking to you again. Another area is your time to make available to your children. I believe children spell love by “TIME” and that is so important to make the time to be there for your children. This shows them that they are important and that you are making them a priority.
  • The last area, but most important, is prayer. Praying over your child’s life and character are essential in your child’s growth. Prayer has power and incorporating that into your daily life should be like eating everyday. We can’t ever pray too much for our kids. Keep a journal and watch what happens as you pray daily for your children. I have been amazed how God answers even the smallest things that I pray for our kids. God is all-powerful and all knowing and we shouldn’t hesitate to come to Him and pray on anything with our kids.


Being a mother is hard work but the reward far outweighs all of these. God designed moms to play such an important role and influence in our children’s life.  We are not to take it lightly and model the truth and be the ambassador God has called us to be. A mother’s role is precious and our calling from God is even bigger as we look to HIM to be our guide. Don’t underestimate the influence you have as a mother. To every mom out there, Happy Mother’s Day!