The Things We Do For Love by Bombi

Photo Credit: Dreamstime


Over the past decade pop culture has provided the entertainment world with some pretty interesting stories. Everything from vampires falling in love with humans, to killer zombies roaming the earth in search for brains, and folks eat this stuff up. Everyone has their own convictions on what they find entertaining and okay to watch. It seems to me that these types of stories are acceptable due to their drama and excitement, but mostly because of the romantic undertones that are cleverly interwoven into the story line. Ah the things we do for a good love story. Love is that element that can, at times, wash away the blood and gore. Yup, so many will gladly watch the bloody messes, as long as there is love in there somewhere.

In contrast, there are others who want to omit blood from stories. There are even some publishers who will remove every mention of the word “blood” from the Bible. For some this is fine, but for me this is absolutely sickening. Why? Because this is one bloody story we can’t afford to keep a secret. Because all power and eternal life is in the blood of Christ and without the shedding of this blood, there would be no forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 9:22).  Without the blood of Christ all mankind would be doomed.

With Easter on the way some might be thinking of bunnies and egg hunts, but I will be thinking of a lamb and that bloody day that the innocent Lamb of God took away the sins of this world by sacrificing Himself, by loving us. It was the most loving day in the history of the universe. While others feel glued to their kindles, books, and tablets reading of stories of forbidden and freakish love, I live in awe and amazement that God would stop at nothing to show His love for all of mankind. The things He did for love. God’s true love story has it all suspense, betrayal, promise, hope, sadness, death, life, and more. If you want to read an amazing, true love story, pick up a Bible and read Matthew Chapters 27-28. It’s the greatest love story of all time. The best read ever, I promise.