Dream Big or Go Home by Sonya


Photo Credit: Bigstock Photo

I believe God has a purpose and vision for each of our lives. He wants us to dream big with Him. The question I have is what are we going to do with that dream or vision He gives us?  Are we going to let it slide and not doing anything about it because we think we are inadequate? Or stay in our comfort zone? Can we ignore what God has placed on our hearts? My answer is no and I am learning from my six year old daughter, Sophia, what it truly means to capture the vision God is giving you.

Sophia had a dream six months ago that she was on a stage with a microphone speaking to many ladies about her passion and love for Christ. She told me about the dream and how she wants to speak and talk to ladies and knows God will give her that opportunity. I told her that God placed this on her heart for a reason and showed her part of His vision for her life and how doors will open up for her to speak to women.  A few weeks ago, that door opened for her when I got the call from my pastor’s wife asking if Sophia could speak at our next woman’s event. She thought it would be neat to have Sophia share her faith and her love for Jesus and how she serves Him. I was so excited to tell Sophia and to see her face when I ask her if she could speak. When I asked Sophia she said, “Yes” and her face just lit up and she couldn’t believe she was asked to speak. She was glowing and jumping up and down and couldn’t believe how God answered her prayer and that she would get to live out her dream.  She is now preparing for her talk by having a pad of paper by her bed and writing down things that God gives her.

This little girl has taught me to dream big and not to put God in a box. She prays boldly to Him and doesn’t hesitate to listen and act on what God tells her. I want that kind of childlike faith to do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Listening to the voice of God speak into our lives at certain times is so important because if we are not listening we could miss out on the opportunities that God has for our lives.  After we have heard from God then we must act on it and not wait because God will pick someone else and we miss out and go home. Don’t go home but be the one that dreams big and watch what God will do!