Places To Go, People To See…Hello 2014 by Trish


(Photo: Big Stock Photo)

It’s the New Year and there is just something so inspiring about the idea of a fresh start – a new beginning. We tend to use the beginning of a calendar year to implement new goals for our personal and spiritual journeys.

I cannot speak for all, but as for me, I’m thrilled for the dawn of a new year. I love that God provides brand new mercies and whatever I did not achieve over the past 12 months, I can reassess my priorities and try again.

I was having lunch with my sister some time ago and I was sharing with her the expectations of others that I allow to pressure me at times.  I shared how it can be overwhelming when others see your life from their perspective and try to offer a solution that feels significantly different than what you had in mind. She made a simple yet profound statement just by saying “You CAN have it all”. In other words, she was reassuring me that the dreams in my heart regarding my future can be achieved and that I need not settle for good just because “good” is what could be attained right now. “Great” may take longer and require more effort, but it is possible.

The next piece of advice was, “write down your plan”. She was holding me accountable to my dream by telling me to write it out.

As you gather your memories from 2013 and create inspired thoughts for 2014, what do you aspire to accomplish? Are you believing God for restoration in a relationship? Do you have a desire to further your education and better equip yourself in your calling? Are there financial goals you would like to accomplish? Whatever your “list” for 2014 is, breathe life on it by writing it down and then ask God to give you a plan to accomplish it.

Get to writing, girl! You’ve got places to go, people to see and a great big world that needs you fully operating in your God-given potential!