Big Bad Bully by Kenika



(Photo: Big Stock Photo)

Although the concept eludes us daily, and gets away from us monthly or even yearly, it is really simple actually.  God is not a bully.  In this digital age bullying is at an all time high. I remember when I was in school, a bully was someone you only had to worry about accosting you at recess, lunch, in between classes, on the bus or walk home.  But today, thanks to social media, bullying can follow you into your home and over the course of your weekend.  Bullies can create networks with other bullies designed to attack a person’s character. According to Webster dictionary a bully is, “One habitually cruel to others who are weaker.”

For as much as I would like to think I understand and comprehend, there is a whole lot more that I do not.  It is a real struggle mustering up the courage to believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God is working all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).   However, while scratching my head about what I don’t understand, I am settled in my heart about what I do comprehend.  God is not habitually cruel to others who are weaker, but is loving and kind to those who don’t deserve it.  Again, God is not a bully.  Times do get tough and it can seem impossible to find your way, but He is not beating up on you, He is perfecting you.  Psalm 138:8a “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;” 

God doesn’t go to bed every night like we do, but imagine that He does.  When we wake up in the morning we usually have an agenda for our day. This can be written out, or simply expectations in our mind, routine or otherwise. We have plans to bathe, eat, get dressed, go to work, school, take care of the kids, or relax. Whatever it is, we typically have a daily agenda.  If God woke up every single day I know of two things that are definitely on His agenda, one is perfecting everything that concerns me, and the other is making all things work together for my good. He isn’t thinking of ways to harm me, or to belittle me, bully me, hold me back, destroy me or even to distract me.  His sole agenda is to work all bad for my good, and perfect good and bad things that concern me.

Sometimes I can get in the habit of griping and complaining about my life, my choices, things that were out of my control, and again all that I do not understand, but when I began to grasp that God was not being ugly with me, but rather helping me to navigate this thing called life, it freed me from viewing Him as someone who is against me. When I read that He is constantly in perfection mode, I was released from feeling as if I had to have an answer for everything.  I was able to rest with the concept of a loving God who doesn’t have television, social media, or long conversations on His daily tab, but rather a plan to work everything out to benefit me.